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A cocktail party is the best one for your guests if organised well as it keeps them entertained and loved throughout the event. Organising a party at a bar or home depends on your choice. But getting the arrangements done can be challenging as it involves lots of effort.

Let us look into the different ways to set up your bar using barware items at our store to keep your guests entertained. You can also set up your bar at home in your comfort zone with a list of accessories available from our store.

Serve some Ready Snacks

Don't bore your guests with the usual foods. Instead, opt for some nice mouth-craving foods that are appetizing for them by the time you prepare your lunch. They can enjoy the snacks with a nice conversation without waiting for the main course as soon as they arrive. You can choose a teak wooden chip-n- dip platter to serve your sauces hot from our store ellementry. Or you can serve some nuts or nibbles in the aliyah wooden but bowl, also available at our store.

Welcome the Guests

Most importantly, treat the guests right by greeting them with a warm smile and tight hug. You can go one step ahead by giving them a seat as a sign of warmth. Also, whenever you are free to find time to check on them if they are okay and help them with anything they need.

Employ an Entertainer

Make sure you entertain your guests with magicians and dancers who would keep the floors busy along with the ongoing music. This would boost the energy levels of guests by wanting them to dance and have complete fun at the party. It is a nice way to keep them occupied and entertained throughout the party.

Decide on the Themes of the Party

It's your choice to have a theme-based party or not. If you are choosing a theme, make sure you select some vivid colors and go with catchy wallpapers and pictures on the wall. You can also select drinks based on your themes.

Employ a Bartender

It’s important to serve the guests on time to make the party interesting. Hiring a bartender simplifies the job as they take care of the guests well. This will make the guests comfortable and allow them to enjoy their party to the best.

Organize Games for the guests

To entertain the guests, organize some interesting games that would keep them engaged in the party. In the end, recognise the winners with catchy gifts just to make them happy. This would encourage them to participate in a few more games and get themselves recreated.

Choose Your Music in Prior

Music has the power to refresh the minds and touch the souls of people by drawing their attention instantly. Keep the playlist ready well before the guests arrive so that the music seems welcoming and soothing to their ears. This way guests don’t feel bored and, if their favourite number is in your playlist they are going to enjoy it for sure.

In case you are busy, choose artistry or genre from and, the songs keep playing non-stop. This would keep the guests relaxed and entertained without any boredom. This is a nice gesture to welcome the guests.

Place the glasses on the table

Stock enough number of glasses on the table to help the guests serve themselves their drinks. Also, place plenty of water so that they don’t get dehydrated by the time they arrive in the hot sun. Keep a trash bin aside the table to discard the glasses as they enjoy the drinks. Also, place plenty of tissue papers on the table handy for the guests.

Set up the Tools

Most importantly, keep the cocktail shaker, bottle opener, stirrer, and some spoons handy on the table. This would be helpful for them as they need not seek anyone's help in between chitchat or discussion in the bar.

Create a Personalized Space

Your guests would be entertained if you create a space in the bar to have some fun-filled activities and take some nice pictures. This could make them feel at ease for sure. You can choose this space to organize the games that would guarantee so much fun for the guests.

Make a Brief Introduction

Help guests interact with each other in the cocktail party by introducing each one to others. This will allow them to converse with others and build a cordial relationship.

Adorn the Space

If you are choosing your home, make sure it’s clean and tidy before the guests arrive. In case if you opt for a bar, take efforts to check the bar is decorated well before the party begins. Beautifying the space with balloons and stickers adds more ambience for the guests by welcoming them. This will add colors to the celebration by cheering up the guests.

Stick with a Simple Menu

Your guests are there to spend quality time with you. More than food, your time for them would please them. Prepare some easy dishes consuming less time and, take time to interact with them. Have a chit-chat and serve them on the go if they need any drink or snacks.

Set up a Glassware on each table

Help the guests to serve themselves by placing a set of glasses on each table. Also, place plenty of water and iced beers aside the table to have an uninterrupted party session.

Give Some Thoughtful Return Gifts

Return gifts are nothing but a token of love. You can express your love by sending a small piece of dessert or a plant or some useful accessories that would warm their hearts and brighten up their day. That small smile filled with surprise can make them feel special which in turn would make you feel happy for choosing this gesture.

Serve the Ice with the Ice Bucket

Choose the glossy silver ice bucket from our store to serve the ice gracefully and is also handy to carry.

Present the Desserts in a Classic Glass Cloche

To add a nice finishing touch, present the desserts in this handcrafted, sassy yet elegant cloches from our store with a wooden base. This would retain the desserts and fruits fresh by adding grace to your servings for the guests.

Invite Mixed Crowd

Make sure you invite people from different fields rather than neighbours and colleagues to keep your guests entertained. This would help them to mingle with other people in society and get to know them much better.


Organising a cocktail party keeping the above-listed points in mind promises a cocktail party with so much fun. Treat your guests well with loud music that would boost their energy levels and, make them tap their feet on the ground and enjoy the party to the fullest.

Choose wisely from the list of entertaining products available at our store to grace the party. In the end, be happy for organising such a trending cocktail party with a great set up and mouth-watering foods as people would surely appreciate you.

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