PAUSE. Pause from everything and everyone around for yourself. Take a moment. What is it that sets your emotions on a spree? There could be multiple things. But one thing that will be definitely on everybody’s list is plants.

They cheer our mood and keep our surrounding positive and clean. The lovely frondescence brings energy and happiness to the house. Ellementry, an exclusive brand dedicated to nature-friendly and handcrafted products, will help you to bring some of them to your house.

Ever heard of succulent plants?

These are the plants of bizarre shape, unique colours and features. They have fleshy leaves and stems in which they store water for several weeks or months. One very popular among them is Aloe Vera which is found in majorly every household. Do you know they are a perfect choice when it comes to easy and affordable decor

Wondering how? Here is it.

They look pleasant placed on a sunny sill or a side table. These plants are generally not huge. Their cute shape and size make it easy for you to keep them anywhere in the home. Succulents are adapted to a dry environment with complete sun and no shelter.

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They are like blessings for such condition as according to many studies, they purify the air of harmful toxins. Such plants are ideal for someone who will be keeping fauna in the house for the first. Succulents do not ask for too much care and maintenance. They are the best! 

How can you use them as a decorative piece?

To begin with, invest in small ones. You can place them on your dining or coffee table. It will add freshness to your dining or living space. One can also prefer them to put it on the bedside table along with a photo frame. It looks aesthetically pleasing. A look at it will make your every morning.

Today when half of the world is working from home, to bring life to your home workstation, you can put one on your work desk. A cute succulent will do wonder.

An interesting fact about this species of plant is that it defies gravity. Reap its benefits and make a perfect décor on the walls.

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You can keep a pot on a shelf along with candles, books or magazine. Hang some photo frames on the side, and your room will get a fancy look.

The best way to use them is to keep them in a wide-open pot or tray with coloured stones and pebbles.

Hanging them from the ceiling in glass pots will give your place a breathtaking look. You can use some DIY hacks and use glass bowls of your house.

If you are fretting over the pots, then don’t. Here are some beautiful suggestions to put an end to your struggle.

Kasa Vase

This product is perfect if you are going for succulents with large stems. Your corner will illuminate with a hint of green and elegance of minimalism. This vase is from ecomix craft form. It is an art of using eco-friendly material like paper, glue and chalk powder to make creative items.

The pot will enhance your interior’s look conveniently. The ribbed pattern will form an exciting impression on the guests and raise your interior décor status in the eyes of every visitor. It is a self-sufficient item. Even without any plant, it will serve its purpose very well.

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Midnight Terracotta vase (tall)

If you are going for excitingly shaped pots, then this for you. Made from terracotta, it serves the brand’s sustainable purpose very well. The vase is perfect for the cabinet, kitchen’s countertop or beside the sink. It is easy to clean also. It is appropriate for succulent plants as you are supposed to use this vase without water.

Aqua rustic ceramic vase (small)

The colour of this pot will complement every plant and place of the house. The minimal shape and rustic colour palette will look great on the centre table of the living room or the dining table.

Ellementry will give you many such suggestions which will escalate your overall interior effortlessly.

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