The world that we are living in is changing fast. Most elements are evolving with time and also changing the course of our lives. Technology and innovation surround us, making our life more hi-tech and comfortable. At present, humans are more focused on building a technologically advanced future. But what we need is to make more sustainable communities that benefit nature. After all, it is the mother earth that nurtures us. Now is the time when it is more important than ever to take care of the planet for a better and safer future. Many people and businesses are gaining grip over sustainability, especially homeware brands like Ellementry. It is making use of natural elements to craft its products. The raw material extracted from nature doesn’t harm the environment but gives back and makes it nurture. It works towards environmental stability, maintaining the planet’s natural resources without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

wooden bowl

Every year, we deal with heatwaves, forest fires, too high or low temperatures, extreme rainfall that leads to floods, drought in certain areas, landslides and more. All this is a result of extreme exploitation, which humans are responsible for. It is time that we learn from our past mistakes and takes the necessary precautions and steps to restore the balance of nature so that present and future generations can benefit from it. If you cant make a big contribution, you can certainly start small. For example, invest in cookware items or platters that are designed keeping sustainability in mind.

Ellementry has realized that our actions are responsible for extreme disturbance in the course of nature. The brand is learning from the actions of the entire humankind and taking its time to understand how nature moves forward. The way it revives and repairs itself to offer comfort is impeccable. Ellementry has learnt from all the virtues of nature and implemented them in every one of its tableware products like bowl or roti box, and more so that it meets the sustainable standards. The items are handcrafted by local artisans that have been pursuing their art for generations. As a result, the products are of the highest quality, beautiful, and meets form and function.

As an evolutionary species, we need to change the way we live and conduct business in a way that ensures sustainability for future generations. Financial and societal success is vital, but we all have a role to play, and that is caring for the planet that we live on. Brands that are walking on this path are making a strong identity for themselves. You can also be a part of this new revolution without doing much. Supporting and encouraging such brands can significantly benefit Mother Nature.

Now, let us go through some premium products that Ellementry has to offer.

Glass Cloche With Marble Base Oval

glass cloche
glass cloche with marble base square

Glass is a sustainable material and is used to make the most fantastic and attractive serveware products. If you wish to add beauty to your home without harming the environment, then go with a glass cloche with a marble base oval. Any other item made from this material will also add charm to your space. This particular product is complemented by a marble base which makes it even more gorgeous and ideal to be placed in plain sight to be admired by everyone.

Terracotta Roti Box With Wooden Lid

roti box
terracotta roti box with wooden lid

Every Indian kitchen is incomplete with a roti box. So, if you have been using the conventional boxes so far, it is time to change that habit with a terracotta roti box with a wooden lid. Clay is also a sustainable material, and hot Rotis stored in a terracotta box will only add to the nutritional value of your daily bread.

Country Home Mango Wood Bowl

wooden bowl
country home mango wood bowl

Do you like to entertain guests often? Then take this opportunity to show off your country home mango wood bowl, which is a natural and handcrafted product. Your guests will be in awe of this item and it will give you a chance to teach them a point or two about sustainability.

Mango Wood Hearty Bowl (Small)

wooden bowl
mango wood hearty bowl (small)

Another beautiful item that is food safe, handcrafted, meets form and function and cares of the environment is mango wood hearty bowl (small). Use it to serve nibbles, salad and other dry snacks. Its unconventional design will steal your heart.

At, you can browse an extensive list of eco-friendly items that are ideal to be a part of your home. When you invest in such products, you take a step towards a better and healthier future that further benefits Planet Earth.

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