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roti box

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FAQ On Roti Box Products

What materials are Roti Box made of?

The Roti Box is available in Mango Wood, Glass, Ceramic, Terracotta.

What is the Shipping cost of Roti Box?

A shipping cost is charged if the product’s price is below INR 1000. However, when the product’s price is more than INR 1000, the shipping is free.

What is the minimum and maximum price range of Roti Box products?

The Roti Box products range from the lowest price being INR 2090 to the highest price being INR 3490.

How many products are available in Roti Box?

There are total 16 products in Roti Box Category.

What are the best selling products in Roti Box?

wood roti box- large, wood roti box- small, red mango wood roti box, yellow mango wood roti box, Brown Mango Wood Roti Box are the best selling products in Roti Box Category.

Roti Box

Rotis are flatbreads created from whole wheat and other grains. Roti is a part of the staple diet in Indian cuisine. We do all possible ways to make it warm and fresh, and a good approach to keep them warm is to keep them in the roti box. If you're in the market for a roti box, Ellementry has you covered. It has several kinds of roti box to keep your rotis fresh.

Mango Wood Roti Box 

When shopping for rotis boxes to buy, a wood rotis box is an excellent alternative. It maintains the softness and warmth of the rotis, and it is the ideal container for your fulkas. Include a piece of cloth and some rotis. Additionally, layering a cloth in it will help keep rotis warm and delicious. This roti box is rather lovely, with a hand-painted lid. It will not only keep your rotis warm but will also add to the attractiveness of your kitchen with its unusual appearance. You can coordinate the lid print with your dinner set and check how the roti box and dinner set look on your dining room table during a party.

This roti box is also very easy to clean, as the wood is washable. All that is required is that you wash it with a moderate detergent and avoid prolonged soaks.

Terracotta Roti Box with wooden lid 

Another technique to keep warm rotis in the roti box is to store them in the clay roti box. It is an excellent choice. Terracotta should be soaked overnight before use. Ensure that it is completely dry before using. Additionally, you can wrap your rotis in aluminium foil and then put them in this rotis box. This unique roti box is freely accessible on the Ellementry website.

Red Mango Wood Roti Box 

If you enjoy woodworking and have a lot of wooden furniture in your home, such as a dining table, kitchen cabinets, and chairs, then this is the one for you. This Ellementry red mango wood roti box will keep your rotis extremely soft and warm at the same time while also complementing the design of your kitchen and home theme. If you want to purchase roti boxes, this is ideal. Its handcrafted lid makes a statement and contributes to the overall aesthetic of your meals.

These are just a few methods for keeping your rotis warm. Do not fret in the event of an emergency and you do not have a roti box at home! You can keep your rotis warm while doing so. Simply wrap your rotis in muslin fabric and then place on ellementry ceramic plate and then covered with another ceramic plate. This method can be used in an emergency, but it is always preferable to have a roti box for the best results. Therefore, always store your warm rotis in a roti box to keep them warm for a longer period of time, and don't forget to visit our Ellementry website for a unique selection of roti boxes to purchase. After all, we take the same care of your kitchen as you do.

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