People today are trendier and stylish than ever. They aim at making their home a version of themselves. Houses in the 21st century are more than just a mere roof over the head. It is a space where one can relax, rejuvenate and be himself. As a result, home remodelling and decor become a statement.

Magazines and articles added fuel to the fire, and everyone jumped onto the bandwagon. Now, we are talking actively about imperishable living. People believe that such a practice must begin from the cooking area.

Remodelling and adding eco-friendly items offered by ellementry are a big step towards this movement. Those who don’t want to invest in the remodelling project, can visit this brand and get the most appealing items for their kitchenette.


If we focus on the numbers, a kitchen remodel can increase the value of your abode; bring almost 69% returns on the cost of the project, as believed by many experts. Open kitchens are all the rage these days, but they are shifting towards sustainability. The appliances aren’t the only thing being focused upon as it is also the cookware, material used, and lighting that are the areas of attention.

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The Rising Demand For Sustainable Kitchens

For almost a decade now, the awareness of climate change is building slowly but steadily. As storms are getting stronger, the summer season getting hotter, winters becoming freezing, people have started to realize the effect of climate change. They now understand that if nothing is done, the situation will only become worse and affect us severely. 

Individuals still want to shop, but they are now more focused on attaining an environment supporting products. This demand is extending to every industry and reaching the kitchenware as well. 

Sustainable Trends

If you are redesigning your cookhouse, you will expect it to be practical. However, the beauty and appeal of the space aren’t to be compromised either. The designs should be such that they reflect your personality, speak who you are. The listed below ideas will give you ideas and inspiration of what you can do in your project and move onwards with utmost certainty.


The Minimalistic Approach

Less is more! However, applying this saying to your cookhouse can be a daunting task. There are so many tools that you need to use and cooking or serving without it is challenging. Where will you keep the appliances? Where will the utensils go? What about my precious cutlery and crockery?

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Chucking out the items that you use every day is not what minimalism is about. It is associated with simplicity. Space should be free of clutter. This will be possible when you have twine baskets, cutlery holder and shelves to pace the items. You will be able to maximize the storage space stylishly. 

Natural Light

Your kitchenette must allow plenty of natural light during the day. This will help you in reducing energy consumption. During winter days, sunlight flooding the area will also provide warmth and keep you active to do the tasks. However, when the sun sets, you will need to switch on the lights.

Here again, you can save on energy by choosing pendant lights. They create a more luminous glow and also work as spotlighting. You can hang them as per your choice and use LED bulbs instead of conventional ones. The beauty of your space will enhance, without the need of using too much electricity or compromising on style.

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Sustainable Products

The easiest way of moving towards eco-friendly practices is with viable products. All the utensils, crockery, bakeware, serveware, cutlery and more can be sustainably sourced from It is your one-stop solution for all environmentally friendly needs.

From pots to serveware, all products offered by ellementry are made from material that does not harm Mother Nature. They are further handcrafted to give it an edge and classy look. Our galvanized metal storage barrels for rice and flour, coated with food-safe materials endeavour to unroutine your kitchen spaces and bring joy in the everyday.

Likewise, our Knurl curd setter helps you set the perfect curd and can also be used for serving creamy raitas or scrumptious curries. Inspired by Scandinavian design, it focuses on form & function and endeavours to add a new note of elegance to your home.

Design Your Kitchen

There are many simple ways of designing the cooking area that does not require a hammer. Placing the right items in proper areas will easily accentuate the way your cookhouse looks. If the walls are bare, you can add shelves and wall decor. Place the jars and other appliances on the shelf, helping you clear out the platform space.

Twine baskets can be stacked on top of another for that neat and clean look.  For daily cake announcements, answers to ‘whats for lunch’ and adding joy to your everyday! It’s little things like a notice board for the kitchen that makes every day beautiful.

Creating a sustainable kitchen isn’t impossible anymore. A few handpicked items can make a difference. 

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