The summer sun is glistening in the sky with its full force. Trees are producing juicy season fruits, there are lemonade stalls on the roadside, air condition is working hard to keep you comfortable indoors.

The sun’s heat might be a little too much to bear at times, but the season also brings along barbeques, family lunches and refreshing dip in the pool. As the pandemic is hitting school, work and social life hard, most families are at home all the time.

So, you will need to be ready for summers to enjoy it just the way you would during normal circumstances. Swapping the closet, indulging in cold beverages and sleeping the days away will not do. You will need to do a lot more.

The house, especially the kitchen area, requires important changes. Ellementry has crafted a complete guide so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or confused with the transition. They have the ultimate kitchenware products and tips that you can follow to indulge in the beauty of this season in a whole new way.

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If you have been preparing the garden and other outdoor spaces, don’t forget about the cookhouse. Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is that place where you not only whip delicacies but also make memories.

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This area stays super busy when the entire family is at home because everyone loves to take pleasure in good food. If close friends and relatives are coming by, you will need to prepare something nice for them too.

Your cooking space must be ready for food storage, preparation, and clean up. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to a quick checklist of tips and products you need for a summer-ready kitchenette.

Countertops Clean-Up Time!

Now that you are making your cooking area summer-ready, start by cleaning the countertops. Your goal here is to get rid of excess kitchenware items that you don’t use or need during this time.

If you have more things that you need than what the countertop can handle, invest in twine baskets. They are a perfect way of keeping essentials in one place and neatly labelled.

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Once the counters are cleared, and everything is systematically stored and stacked in twine baskets, rub the countertops to make them shine. It will give a much cleaner and well-organized appearance to your kitchenette.

Empty The Cabinets & Clean The Jars

Insects and pests are attracted to your kitchen more during warm weather. If there are any spills or the decor jars are unsealed, insects will make that area their home. You wouldn’t appreciate something like that happening to you.

So what you can do to avoid this kind of nasty situation is remove all the jars and other items from the cabinet. Do the same with the shelves as well. Wipe the area clean, and also rinse the jars properly so that there is nothing that would attract the pests. Once everything is fresh and dry, replace the items.

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Add Natural Element To The Windows

If you have windows in your kitchen, it is time to scrub them clean. The sun’s rays will brighten up the cooking area and make it look more pleasant. But this is not where you have to stop.

Once the windows are clean of all the dirt and grime, add planter pots to that space. You can grow your herbs, and the greens will add a pleasant dash of colours, giving you the summer vibe. In case, there is no window for the planters, use the countertop or pick a corner where you can make a small kitchen garden.

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Deep-Clean Your Cutting Boards

During this season, an assortment of fresh fruits and veggies will be coming into your kitchenette. As a result, you will be using the cutting board more often than you think. So, it will need to be cleaned properly.

Take a little salt and lemon to get the job done. Make sure you don’t rub too hard on the wooden cutting board. Be gentle and will be squeaky clean. You can also buy more such boards in different styles and sizes to add to the beauty and functionality of your cookhouse.

You are ready for the summer, and by following the above-mentioned tips, your kitchen space will be too. Don’t wait and put these methods to use. If you are missing out on essential items, visit, and you will get everything you need and more.

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