There isn’t any home without guests walking in, and when people walk into homes, it is essential that you make everything presentable. Right from the foot-rugs to the cushions, everything has to be spick and span. Likewise, the dining area has to be maintained well too.  One must remember that serving food and beverages does not happen only at the dining table.

It would start at the very moment the guests walk into your homes. Serving a welcome drink or snacks without using a tray is highly impossible. Imagine passing snacks or cups and mugs of tea individually in the hands of people; does it look presentable?  What would the guests start thinking in their minds?

Using the right kind of tray to serve the food and knowing what trays to buy is mandatory. This write-up is a complete guide on how to serve in a tray and the kinds of trays that you can buy from Ellementry. There are multiple ways to serve in the tray, and most of the people interested in home-science, and interior designing would be keen on using the trays in a unique manner.

We all know that the trays are available in different materials. People use silverware, wooden, and plastic trays to serve food. All these materials would not just make it interesting to serve in a tray, but it would also appeal to the guests who are receiving it.

There is etiquette to be followed when you serve in a tray. But, apart from this, for the tray to look interesting is also highly important. In this write-up, we have tried to touch upon both the topics. Most of the people would be interested in creatively decorating the trays, and such trays are available on Ellementry.

Etiquette to be followed while you serve in a tray!

  • Always remember to place your hands underneath the tray when you are carrying plates of food and beverages in it.
  • When you are carrying multiple trays, it is important to keep the napkins either in the pockets or any other place where the guests might not notice.
  • Make sure to use the handles on the wooden tray purchased from Ellementry when you are carrying snacks.
  • Use all the fingers appropriately when you are stacking up a lot of plates in the tray so that you do not lose the grip.

Well, mentioned below are some of the ways that can be used to serve in a tray.

  • Use flowers on the tray

The best way to serve in the tray is to decorate them with flowers. Especially when you are serving a cup of tea, you could always choose to place the teapot in the centre of the tray and surround them with mugs. Around them, you can arrange the flowers. The rustic look of the tray would make it pretty appealing.

  • Use personal messages

If you are serving food and beverages for your special ones, it becomes extremely meaningful and also quite romantic when you write personal messages and put it on the tray. Leave this personal handwritten message on the tray near the bed with a cup of coffee or even breakfast. When your partner waked up to it early morning, they would be blissed out to see the lovely messages.

  • Add a small bowl of sauce in the centre

When you are serving chips or any other snacks, it can be made interesting when you add a small bowl of sauce or dip in the middle of the tray. Using porcelain ware can be an ideal thing when you are planning to present the food like this. This is another way to use your tray effectively and beautifully.

  • Stack the trays one on top of the other

Wooden trays can always be made to look splendid when you work a little bit on it. You can stack two or more trays one on top of the other to create partitions. Like this, you would be able to create more space and also add a number of food items and beverages.  When placed on the dining table, this arrangement would look really beautiful.

When you serve a goblet of wine by placing them in a contemporary style wooden tray with a bunch of strawberries, it would not just ignite the passion in you, It would also impact the whole ambience by setting the right mood.

  • Wooden trays with warli art

Buying wooden trays with Warli art makes the plate look artistic. Most of the people these days purchase the trays from Ellementry and make Warli art on them. These trays would certainly attract attention from people even when they are kept at the corners of the dining table.

  • Create a pop art on the tray

Most of the people are creative by nature, and with the contemporary styles kicking in the areas of interior designing, one can leverage a lot of things even when they buy the trays. Though you know what trays to buy, it can look perfect when you create pop art. Pop art, when made on a wooden tray, would look brilliant. When you serve in a tray like that, it is certainly going to get you some serious compliments for your creativity.

  • Use the tray as is

The trays you purchase from Ellementry are of premium quality, and at times, wooden trays do not need any extra things to make it look perfect and stylish. Some of the wooden trays would have embellishments too, and they do not require any extra piece of decoration. Serving beverages, especially a cup of coffee or tea in these trays from Ellementry, would make it really beautiful.

Well, these are some of the ways to serve in-tray that you have purchased from Ellementry. Using the trays appropriately while serving food items to guests is important as it is going to convey a message subtly to all, about your social manners.

So, using this guide, we are certain that you would not be confused anymore on what trays to buy or how to serve in a tray. Visit Ellementry today.

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