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Fine dining etiquette is something not to be shown only at a fine dining restaurant. It should be incorporated even serving your guests at home. When you have a dinner party or lunch party at home, there are certain fine dining etiquettes you must know about. Today we will share with you some fine dining etiquette tips to be a good host at your own party. We will also share with you the most needed products such as serving trays, coasters which are must for fine dining etiquette.

Important things you would be needing for fine dining etiquette

It is not just how you behave and serve at a dinner or party, it’s also about what all things you will be using to wow your guests. There are a number of things you would need to set your table and serve. Since it’s more about how you would be serving, so serving trays, bowls, plates, etc will play a greater role.


Any party is incomplete without drinks and drink demands trays to serve them. It is a fine dining etiquette to must use a tray to serve drinks and one should not carry drinks in his/her hand to pass it over to guests. Hence, trays also come in a designer variety which shows elegance at its best. For example, look at the Frangipani circular wooden tray from Ellementry. Isn’t it a glamorous piece for a party? It will definitely add charm to your party and will definitely attract a lot of compliments. 

This tray made up of mango wood is handcrafted and has hand-painted flowers on its base that works as a highlighter for it. This tray is ideal for serving drinks, cheese and pretty much almost anything. It can also work as a centrepiece for your dining table. Its multipurpose use makes it one of the best products for dining etiquette. If you are attracted to buy one, you can find it nowhere else but on our Ellementry website. This tray is very easy to maintain too as the wood is washable and easy to clean with mild soap. 

Serving Bowls 

We cannot serve our food in the utensil we cook, this is very important for fine dining. We should use some stylish serving bowls. The stylish bowls make food look more attractive. For example, using a cherish red terracotta bowl for serving your best curry dish. Your snacks will get a backdrop of lush with this bowl. You can buy this beautiful item from Ellementry.


Whether it is serving spoons, forks or knives, they all have a big role to play on the dining table as they are important to serve the food as well as eat it. If you have a cake as a showstopper then the cake server is very important too.  For beautiful cutlery and a unique cake server, you can visit our Ellementry website. With this kind of cake server, you can do the job of distributing cake slices hassle-free. After all its all about how you serve and that defines dining etiquette!

Table cloth and placemats

Covering the table is the most required thing when it comes to fine dining. It not only protects the table from getting dirty but also helps us to stay safe and germ-free by avoiding direct contact with the table. Placemats too keep the table safe as they protect the table from direct heat coming from utensils. 

Think about our daisy cotton table cover on your table. It will look very elegant and add spark to your fine dining. You can check this one out on Ellementry.

Tips for setting up your table while keeping in mind fine dining etiquettes

The first step to setting up the table while keeping in mind the fine dining etiquette is to put the table cover on. Always make sure that your table cloth should be free of wrinkles and stains. Its always better to iron it before use. Also, allow the same amount overhang from all the sides of the table. 

A formal dinner setting can include up to 20 pieces of dinnerware that too for just one guest. It can be confusing with so many glasses, plates, etc. The general rule of thumb is that flatware should be set from outside of the dinner plate to inside. 

Table settings are always done keeping in mind the right-handed guests. In a clockwise direction, there will be wine and water glasses, spoons, knives, chargers and dinner plates with a napkin placed on top, dinner forks, bread plate, and butter knife, and ending with a dessert spoon and a dessert fork. 

In order to create an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the guests, it is important to make sure that the tabletop is symmetrical. 

It is always better to hold glasses from the stem while arranging the table in order to avoid fingerprints on it. Cutlery should be held from the middle to avoid stains or any kind of imprint. 

It’s better to use napkin rings to make the table look graceful and to keep the napkin in place. For a beautiful range of napkin rings, you can visit our website, Ellementry. 

Tips for serving on the table 

Make sure you are serving a five-course meal as most of the upscale dinner demands. It includes a starter, soup, salad, entree, and dessert. 

While serving the dish, the server’s arm should never be crossed in front of the guest.  Food should always be served from a guest’s left side. 

While serving wine, the wine bottle should never be held from the bowl, but always from the stem. This helps wine stay cooler longer. Also, always use a cloth or a napkin to wipe the extra wine that drips from the bottle. 

Clearing the table  

Fine dining etiquettes demand always to wait for a sign to know that your guests are done with their food. You will find napkins back on the table and cutlery in a vertical position on the plate. 

When the guest is away for a phone call or to use a washroom, look for his napkin, if it is on the chair, it means he will be back to finish the food.  It is an indication that food is not finished yet. Always watch out for such signs. 

Removal of plates is usually conducted from the right side of the guest as per the industry standards. As meals are with multiple courses, clear the empty glasses and plates before the next meal comes. 

These were some of the must-know tips to keep in mind for fine dining etiquette. Also, do not forget to visit Ellementry website for a wide range of products that can help you serve better. 

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