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We all are familiar with certain traditions in our culture, like celebrating a festival or a religious ceremony. They pass on the culture and heritage from one generation to the other. Every culture and every home follows a different tradition to imbibe these values. And while they do so, practising a tradition becomes less of a ritual and more of a sentiment. Back in the day, people who walked for longer distances were offered water and refreshments to keep them hydrated enough along their journey. Not just that, but guests were offered sweets and other starters to tickle their taste buds until the main course. And to carry this tradition ahead, we have our ceramic serving tray. It's crafted by hands and comes with hand-painted patterns too, serving culture in style. The wooden serving tray stays as timeless as the traditions. What’s more? Each one of them not only sets the stage for your preparations but stays entirely food-safe. You can find our serving tray online on our website. Buy serving tray online at www.ellementry.com  

Tray Items with Price

Product Name Price
Frangipani Rectangle Wooden Tray 1490.00
Frangipani Circular Wooden Tray 1890.00
fleur d'or wooden tray round 2990.00
black wood tray 1590.00
fleur d'or wooden tray rectangle 2790.00