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From hosting tea parties as little girls to having a cup of tea in a garden with your close friends on a relaxed evening, tea parties have always brought a smile on our lips. Besides being an integral part of growing up, tea parties have been a tradition of sheer elegance and refinement.

Hosting a perfect tea party is one of the simple pleasures of life. Not just hosting and spending time with your loved ones over your favourite cup of brew, but setting up the table and arranging the accessories for your tea party is also a fun experience.

Whether you are a great fan of British etiquettes and formality or a simple tea addict, tea is the very centre of many occasions. In order to have a perfect tea party set up, you need to follow a certain step.

Tea party basics

Whether it is a formal English tea you are serving or a casual afternoon tea, you must know the right way to drink and serve tea. Certain essentials like milk pots and tea pots can set the mood and tone of tea time.

If you think milk pots can be boring, you are mistaken, there are a myriad of elegant and aesthetically beautiful milk pots available at Ellementry that you can choose for many occasions.

  •       Use a good quality tea set for the party. Use tea cups with saucers instead of heavy mugs. An essential element of a tea party is the tea set which includes tea pots, sugar bowl, tea cup and saucer, cake platters and milk pots. An aesthetically beautiful milk pot like this matt silver milk pot from Ellementry is a classic accessory that you can add to your tea set.

  •         Make use of cloth napkins, made of cotton or lines. Have a nice table cloth that goes with the décor of your tea party.
  •         Use doilies to cover your tray, a single rose in a bud vase and a platter of muffins or cookies will add warmth to the scene.
  •         The atmosphere plays an important role. Instead of serving tea in the kitchen or dining area, how about setting the scene outdoors or near a crackling fire? A little bit of subtle background music doesn’t hurt anyone.
  •         Be the perfect host and pour and serve tea yourself to each guest, adding sugar in the end as requested.
  •         Choose your milk pots wisely as an aesthetically beautiful milk pot can be the centre of attention for your tea party. Check out this azujelos blues milk pot from Ellementry. Handcrafted, food-safe and dishwasher friendly, you can pick other accessories too from the same collection to complete your own tea set.

Why must you invest in aesthetically beautiful milk pots?

Having a nice and unique milk pot can add to your collection and be the focal point of your tea party. Besides being a perfect addition to your tea set, they also make for the perfect gifts for your friends and family.

  •       Varied people have varied tastes in tea. While some people prefer a heavy tea with more milk, some may like a cup of black tea. Having milk separately in a milk pot will make it convenient for you to serve tea as per your guest’s taste and preference.
  •       Carrying milk and sugar separately in milk pots and sugar pots saves you the effort of making separate tea for different individuals.
  •       There is no doubt a fine milk pot like this silver milk pot from Ellementry can add a touch of style and glamour to an otherwise boring tea.

  •       Aesthetically beautiful milk pots are an ideal and unique gift for your tea addict friends and even a good tea party favour. They are available in a range of prices to suit your budget and are stylish enough to add to the décor of any tea set.
  •       Milk pots can also be kept on your kitchen counters to warm milk in a microwave for a quick tea for yourself when you want. Most of the milk pots are made of high-quality ceramic and are microwave safe.

Still not sure what to pick? Here is our top pick to start shopping for beautiful milk pots!

  •       Peach life ceramic milk pot

A beautiful milk pot to add a romantic touch to your tea, this is the perfect addition to your tea set for a cozy cup of tea with your partner on a special occasion. The Ellementry's pot is made of ceramic and is dishwasher and microwave safe.

  •       Picante ceramic milk pot

This traditional looking milk pot from Ellementry is microwave, dishwasher and oven safe to make things convenient for you. Add more of picante accessories from the collection to your cart and be the talk of town for your unique tea set

  •       Soul grey ceramic milk pot

A small and handy pot of milk, perfect for a tea party for small gatherings, this simple pot adds a taste of subtleness and class to your tea party. This being such a classic looking milk pot can also be an ideal tea party favour to be given to your loved ones to remember you by!

Now that you know how something as simple and basic as a milk pot can be an essential element for your tea party, which one are you going to buy first?

Also, we would love to hear about your feedback on our milk pot collection. Do let us know your views in the comment section below! Don't forget to visit Ellementry.

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