Every home has a story. Not just one, it is hidden in every corner. Most of them are found in “KITCHEN”. It is where along with food some can’t forget memories are simmered with laughter and giggles.

It is the spot that witnesses the maximum number of interactions. A place that adds so many happy moments to your life has to look nice, right! It has to be well represented, organised and equipped.

This tale we discussed, in the beginning, is incomplete without ambience and decor. Ellementry is your answer to every question you have in your mind regarding decor ideas for the cookhouse.

Your cooking place is the reflection of your taste and lifestyle. Being the heart and soul of the house, it also a source of energy for your body and mind. Formerly, it was only meant for preparing a meal, but today, the definition is changed.

It is a hangout spot, an excuse from boring gathering, and a corner of happiness. It is a living room for ladies where all their gossip sessions are held privately, a dining room for children who likes to eat while conversing with their mother.

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For location serving so many purposes has to be given special attention and treatment. Give it with unique furnishing ideas using beautiful and interesting to look at kitchenware items, wall arts, glass cabinets, and fancy crockery & cutleries.

Not just for psychological, it is important to keep it upright for physical well being as well. The architecture and design will lend an increase in comfort and convenience while doing the usual chores. It will save your time and energy and will spare you from the clutter. The organizational skills will also help you access items easily.

If you are having trouble deciding which decor to go for you can have a look at multiple options online. But if you feel your space is well fitted, the only thing you need to escalate the whole look is kitchen decor accessories, then Ellementry is your only stop. Its handcrafted and sustainable product will make you fall in love at first sight. It will not only enhance your favourite place’s look but also add to your whole living experience. 

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This is a must-have if you have kids in your house. It will add a little fun and also play its traditional purpose well. You can write down the timing you want everyone on the table. You can hang all your aprons, mitten on the hanging stand. It comes with magnets. You can stick drawings from your children, recipe and other paper on them. 


How many times do you have to look here and there for your aprons and wiping cloth? Millions of time, isn’t it? Solve it with these beautiful black metal hooks. Hang them and quit worrying about misplacing them. The colour of the product will go well with all colours of the wall. It is especially for those who like to keep everything in order.


If you are bored and feel the basket take some extra space on the countertop, do not fret. We have got you this uniquely shaped hanging basket that will store anything and everything you want. Its cute shape will be the main focus of attraction. It will also keep napkins and trinkets to keep them handy for you. 

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If you don’t like big and multiple hangers, then it is alright. This product is for you. It is elegant to look and strong enough to handle anything from a towel to aprons. 

Apart from the above suggestions, you can even buy a complete kitchenware collection which includes plates, tray, spatulas and other items. The kitchen decor is not an arduous task. All you need is some plan and vision of how you would like to put it all together.

It is fun to redecorate once in a while. It keeps the place lively and gives it a character of its own. Not to forget, it is also the first place guests have a look at. You cannot be embarrassed with a mundane looking kitchenette. That is not your style. If your home has a story, then it has to be classy, elegant and good looking.

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