Have you ever watched those famous culinary shows on television? Doesn’t the way all the contestants chop their vegetables look tempting? You are not a true fan if you don’t try cutting like them while cooking in your kitchen. For them, their knives and wooden chopping board are the weapons.

They chop them with so much precision that every piece is of equal sizes. It is a secret of a good looking dish too. Irregularly shaped vegetable in a curry is nothing but a mess in a bowl. Fill your bowl with finely sliced vegetable with the help of Ellementry’s eco-friendly wooden chopping boards.

These wooden planks are much more important than you might know. It is one of the most principle tools in the kitchen. So, unarguable, it is crucial to be well-informed about them. You must know everything about it. From what material to buy to be aware of how to take care of them, here are few things that you must know about your cutting board.


You need a much bigger board than you think. One might think that a normal-sized board will do fine, but you must buy the largest of all that can fit on your kitchen countertop. When you have to chop a vegetable in large amount then the possibility of sliced pieces falling from the board is high. Give them optimum space to remain on the board rather than the floor.

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The teak wood chopping boards are in trend nowadays. They are attractive, lightweight, and usually are of pocket-friendly price. The prime reason to have one is that they are highly sustainable and remain the same for several years.

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Bring two chopping board. Keep one for vegetable and the other for meat. While wooden boards are best for vegetable, synthetic boards are best for meat cutting. If not for this, you can have two to save your time when you cannot find the first one.


It is simple to clean a chopping board. Just clean it with a damp towel or put it under running water. If you want to keep the board with you for a longer time, wash it in warm, soapy water and dry it instantly.

It will shine like new. While buying the right one for you, do not worry about getting a fancy one with edges. Take the cue from professionals and adopt easy hacks. Put a towel on your workstation, and then put the board over it. It will eliminate the risk of slipping while cutting or chopping.

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Here are some options for you to choose from:

Wooden chopping board round lrg brown

Perfect to use every day, Ellementry’s round wooden chopping board is all you need. It is ideal for those who believe in simplicity. Its minimalistic look is its power and engages every buyer’s attention. The products also have a holding section. This will allow you to work without worrying about slipping. Combine it with a matching knife and complete the look.

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Twiggy chopping board set of 2 with marble stand

If you cook a lot, then having 2 or more boards will come as no surprise. It is like the essentials. This set of two with a marble stand will answer your entire chopping situational problem.

Imagine how nice would it look on your countertop? You don’t have to make space for it as the product comes with a marble stand, which is like a cherry on the cake. It will be like a decor item for the kitchen.

Chop & crush the cutting board with a pestle

Chopping and crushing are indispensable and an essential part of coking. How great would it be if you can do both the tasks on the same tool? With Chop & Cutting board with a pestle, you can chop all your vegetables and crush required herbs and spices simultaneously on the side with the provided pestle. The products are a must-have in the kitchen. Anyone who likes to be in rhythm with the ongoing trends in the market, this chopping board is for you.

In teak wooden chopping board

If simplicity is what attracts you the most, then this teak wooden chopping wood is for you. The rich natural contrasts of teak wood make it unique. The strength and durability are perfect to make this last for seasons ahead.

Get your hands on these beautiful, sustainable boards on Ellementry.com.

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