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Everyone in the world loves cakes. These are soft, gooey, sweet, flavourful and incredibly tasty treats the world is thankful for. But the people we really need to thank are the bakers. These talented humans create magic out of flour, sugar, and flavours to make delectable delicate layers of the cakes we love so much. 

Moreover, today, cakes are used for multiple purposes and not just birthdays; from weddings to graduation ceremonies, engagements, parties and more, cakes are almost present everywhere. This is why the cake presentation has become a real thing. Therefore, many bakers learn the art of cake presentations and use popular cake stands for showcasing their art. 

Now, when it comes to cake presentations, no one really gives much credence to the cake stands. But these stands are the real deal. Without the right kind of cake stand, you cannot expect to flaunt your creative baking skills the right way.  

On that note, today we are going to talk of 10 popular cake stands, recommended by bakers. 

Are you ready? 

Here Goes the List  


  • Fleur d'/ Wooden Cake Stand 


Do you have an upcoming social gathering that involves calling the top socialites of the ton? If it does, you need to prepare well and give extra attention to food preparation. Now, you might be cooking some sweet and savoury treats but, what about the presentation? 

Well, do not worry, simply get in the fleur d’ or wooden cake stand to give your savouries and sweets a little uplifting. This cake stand is smooth, simple yet elegant and comes with two wooden layers attached with a balancing beam. You can get this variety of cake stand from any reputed online store. However, home décor shops like Ellementry stock the best cake stands suited for social gatherings.  


  • Rotatable Elegant Cake Stand 


The next favourite among bakers is the rotatable wedding cake stand. This one is chic, and gorgeous and features wooden texture, which is easily rotatable. Therefore, bakers can easily place a cake on this one and decorate it as they like.  

What's more? If you are making a galaxy glazed cake, having a rotatable cake stand is a bliss. You can add the gelatine and cream layer from the top and rotate the stand to complete the cake design. Apart from cakes, you can also use this stand to serve sweets and savouries. Just, ensure to decorate the cake stand in an artsy way. 


  • Two-Tier Cake Stand 


For weddings and anniversaries, two-tier cake stands are quite necessary. These are simplistic, elegant and offer excellent support, which can protect and support a cake stand perfectly. So, if you have a few minimalistic cakes in your mind, ensure to invest in a wooden two-tier cake stand. You can order your pick from any reputed online website. For example, Ellementry stocks a variety of cake stands that are simple, classic and cost-friendly. 


  • Aurora Cake Stand 


Do you have a stylish cake stand in mind? If you do, then you should invest in the stylish aurora cake stand. This one flaunts a marble slab attached with three hinges for optimal support. Now, despite how heavy it looks this the stand does not weigh much. 

This is designed to easily support any type of cake for different occasions. What's more? The marble slab showcases a sophisticated texture, which is again easily cleanable. 


  • Mango Wood Cake Stand 


The mango wood cake stand is rustic, old-school and yet looks grander than any regular cake stands. This one is handcrafted, small, unique and timeless, which is ideal for any grand occasion. 

You can use this stand to balance any peanut or vanilla flavoured cakes, which ideally complement this cake’s beautiful backdrop. Additionally, this cake stand is ideal for featuring minimalistic designs and owing to the study finish the cake stand prevents any unfortunate mishaps too! 


  • Carbon Ceramic Cake Stand 


You might have spent a lot of money on baking the perfect artsy cake. Now, to flaunt this one, you need a cake stand worthy of this cake’s appeal. Well, we have the ideal suggestion! Go for the carbon-ceramic cake stand! 

This one flaunts a hand-marbled texture against an ethereal backdrop, which makes this cake stand look mesmerizing. What's more? If you place any stylish cake on this stand, the cake looks even more ravishing. You can get this cake stand from websites like Ellementry. 


  • White Mable Cake Stand 


When it comes to cake stands, nothing beats white marble. This is unique, eclectic, gorgeous and very pristine. Now, this stand may be short but features natural colours, which look grand against a simple backdrop. Therefore, if you have a good one-tier cake, you can use this cake stand to flaunt it. 

Ideal for birthday parties, get this white marble cake stand from reputed online home décor shops.  


  • Red Mango Wood Cake Stand  


Mango wood is ideal for giving desserts an uplifting charm. This red one features gorgeous textures and is ideal for supporting any kind of cakes. However, if you are talking about the beautiful display, this one is ideal for flaunting white, and crème coloured cakes. 

You can also use this red mango wood cake stand as a substitute for supporting fruits and other savouries. Simply, ensure to order this stand from any reputed online store. Most generic online stores sell this product in less than Rs. 2000.  


  • Fiore Ceramic Cake Stand with Wooden Base 


If you want something aesthetically appealing for your designer cake, then do not hesitate to buy this Fiore Ceramic Cake Stand with Wooden Base. This one is a unique combination of ceramic and wood and is one of the most gorgeous cake stands out in the market. 

The best part, when you place the desserts on this cake stand, it gives the cakes a celestial backdrop. Thus, undoubtedly the cakes look fantastic. What's more? This cake stand can also double up as a place to keep fresh fruits. 


  •  Sheesham Wooden Cake Stand  


Last but not the least, this Sheesham wooden cake stand is another good choice to invest in for bakers. This one flaunts a two-tier structure and can effectively support sweet, and savoury dishes along with cakes. 

This one is artistic, brown and structured in an old-school manner, depicting an Indian theme. so, for traditional cake lovers, this one is a winner. What's more? This cake stand is entirely hand-crafted and is made of pure wood. Therefore, undoubtedly, this one is long-lasting too. 

Well, there you go! Now, that you are aware of these 10 stylish but charming cake stands, why don’t you invest in one? For more insight, check out cake stand trends and opt for buying a cake stand from any reputed online store. Happy baking!

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