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You just love cooking and everything that you have to do with cooking. This is one of the prime reasons you have recently renovated your kitchen. Now, your kitchen has a new quartz countertop and it looks fabulous.


However, you often chop your veggies on the countertop, and this might be a problem. You see quartz is quite a precious element and thus, it is not feasible to chop on it. If you continue to chop and knead on the quartz countertop it can result in diminishing the glow of the countertop. This is why, today, we are going to give you a perfect solution.


Why don’t you use a bread board? This one is very easy to handle, is stylish and offers optimal support for kneading and cutting ingredients. This is why, the bread board has become the most useful thing in the pantry for kitchen lovers.


On that note, today, we are going to jot down 6 reasons why the bread board is so popular in the pantry.

reasons making bread board popular in pantry


Are You Ready?


Let’s Begin:



    • Beautiful Food Aesthetics


All of us love visual food aesthetics. Any food showcased in a beautiful way brings the mind a different kind of peace. When food looks good, it automatically triggers the senses and you feel hungry. 


This is one of the sole reasons why restaurant owners put so much effort into food aesthetics. However, this does not have to be solely restaurant based. The modern food bloggers practice this at home too. They usually have a social media feed, where they upload unique food pictures, which they set up against a beautiful backdrop and click appealing food images.


Now, you can use your antique bread board to click unique pictures of your platter and upload these on a social media feed. This will surely get you the required likes on your post.


Additionally, it is best that you use an authentic bread board for this purpose. You can get beautiful designer ones online. However, for best results, it is good if you buy from trusted sources like Ellementry.



    1. Everybody Loves it!


Did you ever meet anybody who does not like a bread board? Neither have we! almost everyone loves these artfully crafted boards that are designed purposefully with various ingredients! These are extremely fun to whip up; Additionally, setting up the bread board is a fun family activity too.


With the help of the bread board you can spend some quality time with family. What's more? The bread board will allow your guests warm up and be themselves too. The reason being both the guest and the host needs to get their hand dirty when it comes to the bread board.


For example, visitors might need to eat a meat loaf. Now to eat this loaf of meat they have to dip it in cheese and eat from this platter. Therefore, guests will be compelled to lose their inhibition to appear poised and soon they can be themselves.



    • Focus on the Needful


One of the main perks of bread boards is these can easily be made before time. Thus, suppose you have guests coming over, you can simply arrange the ingredient from before. Now, as your guests start arriving, you can set up the bread board and even put up a show for them.  


This will help you focus on the needful and save you from the hassle of cooking tons of starters for your guests. Further, with the bread board situation covered up, you can focus on things like lunch, home décor, caterer etc.



    • Adhering to Simplicity


With guests coming over, most of us want to make an impeccable impression. This is why, you might be considering using the cheeseboards. These are very stylish and will help you decorate your platter to perfection. 


On that note, these bread boards are very easy to set up and will use whatever is in your pantry. Thus, you can easily set up the cheeseboard with some snacks, meat, fruits, dairy and poultry. Now, you can also include things like hummus, dry nuts, almonds and other delicacies to make your bread board look simple yet stunning.



    • Meets Diet Restrictions 


You all can experiment anytime with your bread board; Therefore, it is very easy to fit various dietary requirements within a bread board. Thus, for example you have visitors over who possess a few diet restrictions, you can easily meet these with the bread board.


Now, to do this, you can customize the bread board as per the needs of your visitors. For instance, you can add a fat free or a gluten free or dairy-free items in your bread board. 


coming over who have a few diet restrictions, you can use your cheeseboard to customize some of these. 


As a result, when your visitors see how creative and thoughtful you have been, they will immediately praise your kindness and develop a warm feeling towards you. 


Additionally, this bread board allows a lot of room for creativity. Therefore, as per the taste preference of your visitors, you can look up creative recipes online to try for the bread board experimentation! 



    • Fun to Customize and Many Styles


The bread board is inherently fun to customize, you can use a plethora of bread board recipes and put your creative skills to test. For instance, you can include both sweet and savouries in your bread board and decorate it as per your needs.


All you need to do is ensure to invest in a good quality bread board that will immediately make your dish look fantastic.


On that note, let’s check out a few popular styles with bread board platters:



    • Mango Leaf Bread Board


This mango leaf bread board is minimalistic, quaint and very beautiful. It has unique crafted and features wooden textures that show fine skills.


You can this one from any online store in your locality. However, if you’re looking for suggestions, we have an excellent store that has handcrafted items. This one is called Ellementry.



    • Teak Oval Cheeseboard  


If you want a stylish yet multipurpose use bread board go for the cheese oval cheeseboard.  


This one flaunts natural wood, which is 100% pure authentic teak wood. This one is again very durable too. What's more? It is easily available in today’s market 1500. Additionally, this oval shape of the platter looks very classic and chic, so it is ideal for all modern kitchens.


On that note, depending on your requirements invest in the board, which will work best for you. Just ensure to pick a trusted source when you are purchasing. Happy experimenting!

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