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We love drinking wine; red wine is not at all bad for the health. Not only does it take the edge off, wine also makes one feel lightheaded, reduces stress and makes one forget about the daily hurdles of life. However, did you know you can make drinking wine a healthy endeavour.

That's right, the kind of glass you use to drink wine can make a big difference! Now, when drinking wine, we mostly go for the fancy wine goblets made of crystal or glass. But these do not necessarily make the process healthy. If you really wish to regain health and strength, you should go for drinking wine in brass or copper goblets. An alloy of copper, brass packs tons of health benefits.

In fact, if you store and drink wine in brass goblets, you can see the numerous health benefits, which you have been unaware of. You see, when you store wine in brass containers, it releases ions in the wine via a process known as the Oligodynamic effect. These ions possess anti-carcinogenic, antimicrobial, anti-occidental and anti-inflammatory properties, that can safeguard you from tons of illnesses.

Benefits of Drinking Beverage in Brass Wine Glass

On that note, today, we are going to discuss about several health benefits of drinking wine in copper/brass goblets.

Are you Ready to be Enlighted?

Let’s Begin:  

    • May Fight Cancer

Brass an alloy of copper may possess the properties to fight off cancer. The reason being copper is an antioxidant. As a result, it has the ability to fight off free radicals that is one of the main reasons behind oxidative stress.

Now, accumulation of oxidative stress can lead to cancer cell formation. Therefore, to negate the negative effects of free radicals, it is best if you drink your wine in a brass glass. This will heal the body and the antioxidants will fight off harmful free radicals.

What’s more? Copper also allows the formation of melanin, that gives colour to one’s eyes and skin. Therefore, drinking wine in a brass of copper glass is sure to help your body.

On that note, it is best if you drink red wine when you are wanting to indulge in some ‘me time’. Read wine is full of antioxidants and has a high concentration of Proanthocyanidins that help fight oxidative stress. As a result, it is good for anti-aging and can even make one’s skin look young and firm.

    • Optimal Function of Thyroid Gland

As per experts there is a common connection between patients of thyroid and brass. Brass helps balance the inconsistencies of the human thyroid gland and thus, ensures its optimal function. Additionally, brass helps to ward off any damage to the thyroid gland and ensures its optimal functioning. 

What's more? If you are suffering from hypo thyroidism, it is a good option to drink water or wine in brass goblets. You can get these variations of brass goblets from any reputed online store. However, if you are looking for genuine hand-crafted brass goblets, which are also stylish, you can check out online stores like Ellementry.  

    • Balancing Out Hypertension

As per the American Cancer Society, copped is famous for reducing triglyceride levels and cholesterol. Thus, if you have copper deficiency or brass deficiency, it is best that you start drinking wine or water in brass goblets.

The reason being, copper deficiency can lead to hypertension and thus, this can be prevented if you drink your beverage in copper/brass wine glasses.

On that note, if you also opt for drinking red wine, it can lead to a stronger and better body too. Red wine has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help boost heart health, lower cholesterol and reduce oxidative stress. Thus, the combination of red wine with brass is ideal of uplifting health and making one feel fit. 

    • May Help Prevent Anemia 

Brass an alloy of copper helps in the disintegration of food for making haemoglobin. As a result, if you have iron deficiency, you should consider drinking beverage in brass goblets. The reason being iron deficiency can lead to conditions like anaemia. However, as brass helps produce haemoglobin, it can prevent situations like hematological disorders, which reduce the production of white blood cells.

What's more? Low white blood cells men that there is loss of antibodies that can affect the health adversely. 

    • Helps Reduce Infection

Brass possess natural antibiotic properties. Thus, water or wine stored in brass containers for more than 8 hours, helps purify the beverage. The ions that seep into the beverage help kill germs of cholera and other water borne illnesses that can cause loss of life and even death. 

    • Good for the Cardiovascular System

Brass is a very good agent that helps dilate the blood vessels to boost blood flow to the heart while clearing plague. As a result, copper/brass deficiency can help keep the heart health intact. What's more? If you do have copper deficiency it can result in constriction of the heart muscles and prevent proper blood circulation. 

Thus, this will increase blood pressure and put stress on the heart. So, to avoid this, practice drinking wine in brass or copper goblets. You can find your copper goblet from any reputed online store. For best results, you can check out Ellementry for designer copper brass goblets. 

    • Helps in Digestion

Did you know? The ancient Romans and the Ayurveda both claim that copper/ brass was ideal of killing off germs in the stomach. The Ayurveda mainly claimed that drinking “tamra jal” would cleanse and detoxify the stomach and act as a anti-bacterial agent. 

Thus, this helps to reduce stomach inflammation and aid in better digestion. Additionally, drinking wine or beverage in a brass glass, helps to prevent issues like indigestion, stomach ulcers and stomach infections. 

    • Anti- Aging Properties 

Another secret benefit of brass is that it may possess anti-ageing properties. This means if you use copper or brass based glass, the ions that are secreted can help reduce free radicals and therefore, give a youthful glow and shine to one’s skin. This makes a person look young and vibrant. 

    • Weight Loss

Brass plays a vital role in dissolving and reducing the excess fat in body, as a result, it aids in active weight loss. Moreover, brass or Copper helps induce fat burn even when the individual is sedentary. Nevertheless, this does not assure that brass will always burn fat. You need to work out and eat healthy too.

Brass simply acts as a stimulant that can help burn some fat. For this purpose, choose brass goblets for drinking beverages.

On that note, why don’t you check out our stylish brass products today? For best results, you can visit shops like Ellementry.

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