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Every one of us used to love chip and dips, maybe we still do. Back in our school days, we would huddle inside a trendy Mac Donalds and often order these chip and dips for a daily delectable snack during study or ‘hang out’ sessions.


Now, most of us are working and hardly have time to hang out anymore. But that doesn't mean the fun should stop. In these dark days of quarantine, we could really use some fun. This is why, today, we are going to bring out those chip and dips and experiment with these.


The chip and dip can be used to serve a plethora of recipes and hence, let’s do a countdown on the creative ways to serve chip and dip for different occasions.

Ways to Serve a Chip and Dip



    • Impromptu Movie Dates


When you are stuck with your better half on quarantine, chances are you are loving it. This quarantine is a great way to learn about each other and partake in ‘Netflix and Chill’. However, if you are planning to catch some really cool shows, you might need the occasional ‘snack’ to have a good time.


At that moment, the best thing you can do is whip up some chip and dip recipes for making movie night fun. You can for example cook the,



    • 5-minute Hummus


This is the super easy hummus to make and looks very classy too. To make this one, you need to add olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, chickpea puree, cumin, ¾ teaspoon salt in a bowl and mix. Once done, add some water for consistency and serve this alongside your favourite nugget or snack.


This will look classy and you can easily Instagram it while keeping the hummus plates on pillows facing the TV.


On that note, you can also cook things like chicken kebabs, corn dogs, baby corn and others to compliment your hummus dip. 



    • Evening Kitty Parties


The ladies in your neighbourhood called to inform that they are planning to gather at your home. However, you do not have time to set up a grand party. But, do not worry, even with 1 hour of time in your hands, you can use a chip and dip recipe for a good party.


For instance, you can make items like,



    • Gazpacho Salsa


This might sound like a lot; however, it is super easy to make and ideal for the gym crazy ladies out there. To create this, you need to add onion, tomatoes, 1/4 teaspoon salt, vinegar oil, and pepper, along with some cucumber. 


Once mixed, serve this fresh dip with some crunchy snacks in your chip and dip. You can serve nachos, salsa, nuggets and more.


 You can further serve dishes like sausages, stir fry corn, kebabs, fish fries and others.


additionally, add some sauces, condiments, pickle or cheese dips along with this recipe to make it look filling and grand. When pictured, this set up will look grand.


Also, if possible, add some sweet dishes on a cake stand, to make the cheese and dip set up look even grander.



    1. Bar Nights


Are you planning to drink up with your office buddies this summer? If you are, we suggest that opt for glamming up the home bar with a few clever tricks.


This means, serving alcohol in a crafty way with some unqiue side dishes to compliment the booze. What's more? If you are Indian by nationality, chances are you need that ‘chakna’.


Thus, we suggest you try some chip and dip recipe for your chakna. This way, you can flaunt your gorgeous chip and dip sets, while enjoying a glamorous drinking session with your friends and colleagues. Now, for your ideal chip and dip recipe, you can make a dish like,



    • Onion Caramel Dip


The caramelized onion dip dish is just what you need with your friends for a tangy and yummy ‘chakna’. This one is creamy, yummy and goes best with your choice of poison. 


What's more? It is very simple to make to. To make this one, you need to mix cream cheese, sour cream, salt and pepper, chives, in a medium bowl. Once done, set it aside and fry some onions until golden brown. 


Now, serve this alongside your delectable drinks for a crunchy-fried dish. You can add, chips, ground nuts, nachos, cottage cheese fires, crunchy fried chicken, fried pakodas etc.


These are best for home bar nights and will be perfectly complement whichever booze you are drinking. Additionally, for those serving soju, make sure to get some fried chicken with spicy dips.


Note: [Soju and Fried chicken are an everyday combination in South Korea, that is a famous local   street food. Try this with your chip and dip today]



    • Sleepovers


You invited the neighbour’s daughter for a girl’s sleepover night, you want to make it special for her. Well, all you need to do is make some delectable snacks for the night and arrange good movies. Among the snacks you can make some mushroom toasties, honey glazed potatoes, baby corn munchies and more. 


You can also make these as part of chip and dip recipes. For instance, if you have the following items on your mind, you can use a dip like the following,



    • Classic Ricotta Dip


The classic ricotta cheese dip is an ideal sleepover dip, which is so tasty, that no one can simply be satisfied with one lick. To make this you need, ½ teaspoon salt, ¼ teaspoon black pepper, parsley, red pepper ricotta and thyme. 


Once you have all the ingredients with yourself, add the necessary items together and broil for some time. Well, in a bit, your dish is ready, and you can serve it with your choice of sleepover snacks.


Additionally, you can also use dips like Piri Piri, mayo and cheese dips as these everyone’s favourite.


Now, you can also opt for clicking a picture girlfriend and post it on Instagram with the sleepover preparations. This way, you can show off and great Instagram feed that shows how fun you are. 


Just make sure you have a good chip and dip at home to compliment the items you made. 


On that note, now that you are aware of the creative ways to use your chip and dip, why don’t you find the best chip and dip for yourself. You can opt for wooden teak ones as these are textured, layered and very stylish. Also, hypothetically, if you are buying a chip and dip, choose a reputed online store to buy one.


If you are looking for suggestions, we recommend you pick websites like Ellementry. 


Phew! Now, that’s a wrap! We hope you like the blog, and if you did, don’t forget to use these creative ways for your chip and dip! Cheers!

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