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Culinary school taught you a lot about food accessories and the ways to use them. What's more? Only recently, you found out the classic way to use a fruit pick! Now, ever since you came home, you have been continually looking up online websites to buy these classic fruit picks.

After all, these wooden picks aren’t merely for show. If you think about it, these intriguing wooden leaf-shaped picks have a lot of utility and make the dining experience very amiable. This is why today we are going to discuss why fruit picks are worthy dining table companions.

Starting with:

  • Occasions to Use the Fruit Pick
  • Why to Eat Fruit with a Pick?

Occasions to Use the Fruit Pick


  • Anniversary Made Special


Many diners and hotels offer whipped cream, strawberries, champagne and fruits picks to couples during romantic celebrations. Now, ever wonder, why these people put in such efforts with a fruit pick?

Well, the fruit pick undoubtedly helps to stop a mess of course. Whipped cream and strawberry are a heady combination, but it can kind of be messy, which is not right for the dinner table. What's more? Your new attire can get damaged due to these condiments. Thankfully, you can avoid all the mess with the fruit pick.

You can use this fruit pick to cleanly eat your strawberries dipped in whipped cream. What's more? whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary or a romantic weekend a home, this fruit pick can help you serve sweet nothings and build romance the classy way. 


  • Celebratory Breakfast 


The world is full of holidays, and if your family is a big and happy one, chances are you all partake in big family breakfasts. Let's talk a thanksgiving breakfast/brunch for example.

For these thanksgiving breakfasts, loads of people are sure to grace your table. It can be family, friends, neighbours and loads of others. Now, imagine the mess it would create and the tons of dishes, you have to do.

The entire picture can scare you away. But before panicking, there is good news. You can avoid some of the mess, if you use a fruit pick pin to serve your dishes. For instance, you can serve more fruit and starter platters for your thanksgiving breakfast. This way, you can prevent the use of more plates as you will serve the dishes with a fruit pick holder.

Your guests can then use the fruit pick to pick up the dishes and eat them cleanly. As a result, less clean up duty for your family. On that note, it is wise to invest in a few more fruit pick holders for big events such as these.

You can opt for the teak wooden fruit pick holder and buy it from any reputed online stores. For best results, you can check out websites like Ellementry.


  • Social Media Posts


The next place to use your fruit pick pins are your social media posts. That's right; if you are home food blogger, chances are you click loads of culinary images for your social media posts. Well, If you also happen to use fruits for your images, you can use a fruit pick holder as a good prop.

This will help the fruit pick look stylish and give the picture a story. For example, suppose you click a picture of a fruit bowl, with a few necessary items strewn carelessly. Now, with the double exposure effect, you can turn the background to your liking, and give the image new life.

Well, now when you post these on social media, you can get an immense number of likes and shares too!

Well, moving on, now that we have discussed the occasions where you can use the fruit pick, we are going to discuss why it is necessary to eat fruit with a fruit pick.

Why to Eat Fruit with a Pick?


  • You look So Poised 


This is not exaggerating but indeed, you look extremely poised when you eat fruit with a fruit pick. The reason being, while the advertisers show that is fun to eat fruits with the juices splashing the face, the real things is messy, sticky and annoying.

Thus, to avoid this fiasco, it is better that you eat the fruit with a fruit pick. This way, you will stop spillage, and stick situations. Not to mention, eating fruit with a fruit pick will showcase good table manners, which talk of your good upbringing. 


  • You can Set an Example


If you are the parent in the family, then it is your job to set an example of polite behaviour. Thus, when guests come over, you can set a good example, by eating your fruit with a fruit pick. This will avoid spillage, and you will manage to look poised.

Now, if your child witnesses you using the fruit pick, he or she will automatically follow suit. Now, when the kid uses the fruit pick to eat, he too will showcase good table manners. As a result, you and your family, will make a beautiful impression in the dinner table.

People will give you more respect and look at your family with admiration.


  • Children Friendly


 Your fruit picks can be a threat to the child, but if he or she is educated about the safety measures, the fruit pick can be children friendly. Simply teach, your child the basic rules of using the fruit pick. Tell him/her not to probe anyone or themselves with it. Additionally, tell them not to put it in their mouths.

Next, teach them the right way to hold the fruit pick and use it to tear into the skin of sweets and savouries. Once they have learned the right way to use the fruit pick, you can serve them tons of platters dishes with the fruit pick.

This way, your child will eat cleanly, and you will be saved from using extra dishes.

Well, now that we are aware of the many perks of using a fruit pick, we are going to focus on some basic safety precautions, to maintain while using a fruit pick stand.

Let’s Get Started:


  • If you have toddlers and young kids at home, it is best that you keep the fruit pick stand in an elevated height and away from the reach of toddlers.

  • Also, ensure to keep your fruit pick holder, always closed, and inside cupboards or cabinets. This will prevent children from touching these.


On that note, now that you are aware of why fruit picks make dining easy, why don’t you check out some authentic fruit picks online. You can check out websites like Ellementry, if you have something hand crafted in mind!

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