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“I believe the world is beautiful, and poetry, like bread, is for everyone”, said Roque Dalton in his poem titled Poetry, Like Bread, Is For Everyone

Bread is one of the oldest foods created and prepared by humans. The earliest known evidence of its existence comes from 30,000 years ago, in the form of starch particles sedimented on rocks. It is a staple in nearly every culture of the world, and it comes in all different shapes and types. But the most prominent image that comes to mind when we hear the word ‘bread’ is a neatly arranged row of slices of immaculate white bread, packaged into a plastic bag with your favourite confectionery brand’s logo on it.

Bread is the most sought after packaged food item in the markets across the world today; it is also the most difficult to store. Yet, we hardly take the time or effort to store it properly. Did it ever strike you that, just like other perishable items on the countertop, a loaf of bread could very well do with a storage bin to keep it fresh? 

As much as people love to relish their sandwiches on a rainy evening, they don’t realize the ill effects of consuming bread which isn’t properly stored, especially during the monsoon. A slice of bread left in the open turns into a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria in no time if it comes in contact with moisture in the air, and this stale, seemingly benign, piece of bread can cause havoc in the body if consumed directly.

The bread box is, perhaps, the most underrated piece of cutlery on every table. Most people assume it to be used merely as a decoration or a fancy container to stock up loaves of bread. No, that’s not the end of it. A bread box is essential, not only to keep your bread fresh and tasty but also to ensure that it is protected from germs and microbes in the air that can upset your gut.

In this world of sophisticated lifestyle concerns, people underestimate the importance of proper storage of the food they eat. They might make efforts to craft a gluten-free dough to perfection in their ovens, taking the utmost care to get every little detail of the temperature and ingredients right, but once out of the oven, the prepared food is totally neglected. 

To achieve a salubrious body, it is not enough to merely go clean on the ingredients added to the recipes; but it is also vital to store the food in a safe environment far from the reach of any bacteria and fungi.

A bread box helps you keep the bread fresh, crispy or chewy and moist-free, depending on the container you choose. Just as humans breathe in oxygen for their survival, bread slices also need an open space to respire. One common mistake which most people commit while storing a loaf of bread is by covering them up in a plastic or paper bag and leaving them on the kitchen counters. They would have never realized that this not only suffocates the bread but also makes it drier than ever due to restricted air circulation, which makes eating it not a very pleasant experience, to say the least.

If we go back in time and reminisce on the days when bread was baked in large masonry ovens and stored in terracotta vessels, we would realize that the primary reason for the non-existence of other materials used as containers was-increasing health concerns. To save the bread from moulding an old-fashioned bread box acts as a ventilator, giving it enough space, and helping to keep it crunchy and fresh and protect it from any fungal infections.

Ellementry tends to every individual’s well being by formulating the essence of their integrity in each of the bread boxes they offer. The innovative designs, purposefully created by talented craftsmen, capture the imaginations of our bread-loving customers, who are always the top priority of the brand. Ellementry believes beauty is timeless and each piece of art is moulded to suit the needs of each individual, in terms of both function and form, not just to empathize with all of their concerns but also to solve them and to give bread-lovers a new outlook to their health and home.

As a bonus, our range of designs consists of artisanal pieces made of natural homegrown substances like wood or clay. Choosing between ceramic or wooden bread boxes is totally up to you. They come in varied sizes and shapes, depending on the type of bread you consumea solid hemispherical base for cob bread or the cuboids for regular loaves of bread are just a couple of the options from the plethora of timeless designs to choose from.

A bread box can be your Messiah. It will not only save you from unhealthy, potentially dangerous germs and the risk of contracting infections, but it will also help you savour every bite of your favourite bread, by keeping it fresh and delicious. With an emphasis on sustainable development, making an effort to opt for materials based out of natural sources is also a step towards achieving ecological balance and at the same time, investing the right amount in the right resources for a healthier life ahead. Ellementry’s range of bread boxes is the perfect solution to striking a balance between health, eco-friendliness, good ethics and style.

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