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Whether you love to host people or stay as a loner, tea and coffee sets are some of the most basic kitchen essentials. Some people love to collect dinnerware and proudly flaunt them in their glass door cabinets. These lovely displays sometimes even become an inspiration for us to stock up our own unique tea and coffee sets. Well, if you are looking for tea and coffee pots to buy, Ellementry has a wide collection to choose from.

If you love hoarding on such decorative pieces, you would know what a pain it is to see them chip off or get minor damage or losing a part of it. What should you do with such old tea and coffee sets?

Well, here are some DIY options to consider which can give your home a new look and your tea and coffee sets a new role to play. No doubt these sets are meant for drinking tea and coffee at home. But since they are available in such beautiful designs, they are a great option for home décor. So, there is a lot more you can do besides hoarding your tea sets and teapots in the cabinet for years.

These décor ideas will give you an interesting project to kill time, a new way to enhance the décor of your house and a fine reason for you to look for tea and coffee pots to buy. Isn’t that a win win?

  1. Vintage tea cup candles

A vintage tea cup is a piece of art in itself. Coming in unique patterns or floral prints, it is a cute item to decorate your home. But turning the same into a candle will make it look a lot cuter. It is also a good idea to give a gift to someone who loves DIY and no doubt you will have a good time making these tea cup candles.

  1. DIY Bird feeder

To make a cute bird feeder for your terrace garden, all you need is a set of tea cups and saucer, a teaspoon and creativity and you have your very own unique bird feeder. You can also hang them on a tree for a more vintage look. Simply stack and stick the cup on a saucer and paste a teaspoon along. Tie with a rope and hang at a suitable place.

  1.     DIY flower centrepiece

A centrepiece with a tea cup! You can let your imagination run wild with this one. Turn it into a small flower vase, a holder of small items or a planter. No matter what you do, this cute little centrepiece will be the eye candy for your living room.

  1.     Tea set wall décor

How about using the old tea set to enhance your kitchen wall? You get it, it is as easy as it sounds. Simply glue the pieces on the wall and that’s it! You just revved up your kitchen!

  1.     Plant your succulents in a tea pot

Having succulents in your house has many benefits. Use cute tea pots and plant them with succulents. You will not be able to stop at one. You can even go a step further by decorating a plain tea pot with washi tape for a more enhanced look.

If you are on the lookout for tea and coffee pots to buy, here is a cute little one from Ellementry.

  1.   Hanging planters

Just like you would plant a succulent, you can also use your tea and coffee cups and pots to be used as hanging planters. Use a sturdy and high-quality rope or wire to hold them and hang them on a wall. This will not just be a planter but a unique piece of décor too for your balcony. It is even ideal to hang by a window to give a stunning look to your house.

  1.     Teacup chandeliers

If you have some teacups with lovely prints, just create a hole under the cup and saucer and stick them together. Invert the set, add wire and a bulb and hang them wherever you want. This will add a dramatic illumination in the room. For a bigger room, you can tie together several chandeliers to make a big one! Indeed, a great idea, right?

  1.     Jewellery and makeup organiser

Instead of stocking up your jewellery in boring boxes, why not use your old tea and coffee sets to display your products. These are a no-fuss project and turn out to be really cute in a girl’s room. You will never have to go through scattered jewellery again! Simply hang your earrings on the rim of your teacups and use teapots to store your makeup sticks and brushes!

  1.   A tea cup clock

Looking for a huge creative looking clock for your living room? Why not do some DIY with tea cups. Simple take a big size plain wall clock and paste teacups in place of numbers. You can even try to be more creative and add personal touches to it or use cups of different colours to make it more stylish. You would love the fairy tale look that the clock will give you!

10.Teapot Pin Cushion

If you love to craft and sewing, you would love to make this one. Simply turn an old kettle into a pin cushion to store your needles. There are various tutorials on the internet that can teach you the step by step process. This smart craft will hide your needles from kids and pets and also allow space to store other sewing accessories.

11.Cake Pop Display

Now if you are a baker, you surely would have heard of cake pops. If you are not, go ahead and find out what they are! These are small cakes on a stick and ideal for buffets and birthday parties. Serving them can however be a challenge. To serve such cake pops or any food on a stick, a teapot is an ideal item. Simply remove the lid and serve your cake pops in the pot.

These are all easy and cute DIY ideas to enhance the look of your house. You would love to do these as the end result is always gorgeous and they give you enough reasons to go out and look for tea and coffee pots to buy. Or, if you don’t want to go out, sit at home and order some from Ellementry. We have a huge collection and designs to fit every home and every budget.

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