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Did you know that during the 1940s and 1960s, America believed that salads were meant to be made only in a particular type of wooden bowl that was plain and unvarnished? The belief was that this salad bowl should never be washed and should be cleaned with just a cloth. But it was only later when this concept was challenged by pointing out that wood has a natural characteristic to absorb. So what happens to the extra oil from the salads over the years?

This question was hit by the realization of this outrageous concept, where people realized that they had rancid oil sediments over the years with their salads. This was the turning point in the history of salad bowls when new materials and metals were chosen as an alternative to the wooden salad bowl. This article talks about ‘how to choose a perfect salad bowl for yourself’ along with some insights on the different salad bowl styles that are available in the market. You must head to Ellementry to buy salad bowls that are classy and stylish, for your kitchen and dinner table.

How to Choose a Perfect Salad Bowl -

Salad bowls are a very meaningful addition to your kitchen and kitchenette. Most of the salad bowls are made of wood, ceramic, or other metals like steel with a shallow bottom used in serving tossed salad.  But if we don't take care of the kind of bowl we are using to serve or toss our salads, it may lead to self-harm. Let's take a look at the type of bowls that are perfect for salad tossing and serving.


Wood & salads:

Most of the households believe in having a wooden salad bowl for tossing and serving. Apart from convenience, wood also adds a rustic elegance to the whole setting.  But wood is good as long as it's thriving. Once the wood is dead, it starts absorbing moisture at a much faster rate resulting in damage to the salad bowl. Such bowls, when used over a period of time, may crack or split because of continuous absorption of water and oil from the salad.

But there are exceptions everywhere. If the wood of the salad bowl is carved out of hardwood, maple, or teak, then wooden salad bowls sustain for long, maybe even earn a place among the family heirloom. Check out sustainable wooden bowls on Ellementry.


The material of the bowl:

Always choose bowls that have sustainable material as its base. Durability and essentiality of the bowl should go hand in hand. Make sure that the material doesn't have any extra coating of paint or any flimsy surface on it. This might melt with time, mixing with your salad and stomach, causing harm. Synthetic dyes, laminates, transparent paints to protect the wood, and other toxins should be looked out for a while purchasing a perfect salad bowl for yourself.


Size of the bowl:

The size of the bowl plays a huge part in being categorized under a fruit bowl or salad bowl.  The size of a standard salad bowl is around 15 inches with a deep bottom to hold and toss the salad without the risk of the salad falling out. This kind of bowl is appropriate for everyday use where it can fit in a salad meal for two easily.

Weight of the salad bowl:

The weight of a salad bowl matters a lot as a salad bowl never remains static and needs to be carried and moved around the table. Hence, having a light bowl is convenient. However, certain wooden bowls are heavy in weight but exceptionally durable. Check the ergonomic construction of the bowl as many times, expensive teak wood or maple wood bowls come with an ergonomically characterized bowl structure that allows the bowl to be carried easily despite the weight.

While we are at it, let's take a look at the different types of salad bowls that can be used as an alternative to provide convenience, durability, and satisfaction while serving salads.

What are the Different Types of Salad Bowls?

Be it a simple varnished bowl or a ceramic style delicate bowl; there is a type of salad bowl for everyone. Salad bowls are created out of wood, ceramics, porcelain, and glass. Wooden salad bowls are the most used one, but if you like to see your salad through and through, then the glass salad bowl is probably your choice.  Similarly, if you think that wooden salad bowls will probably not go with your home set-up, then there is always an option of getting a delicate ceramic salad bowl or an elegant porcelain bowl.

Some of the best salad bowls to look out for-

Mentioned below are some of the best salad bows known for their durability, classic style, and an even classy presence.

Teak Wooden Salad Bowl - Made of teak wood, this bowl from Ellementry is sustainable and handcrafted. The size of the bowl can make you use it for not just salads but fruits too. These boxes are available in different sizes.

Totally Bamboo- A salad bowl made of bamboo offering a sustainable alternative and is completely food safe.

The 'Fleur D'or' Wooden Salad Bowl - This bowl from Ellementry comes with hand printed flowers on wood. You can pair with a complimentary dining set. You can also store fresh fruit in this bowl as the size will be big. It is easy to clean it.


Picante Ceramic Serving Bowl

This ceramic bowl is perfect for not just salad serving but any other nibbles such as rice or pasta. It sits well on your table. It is easy to wash and you can find it on Ellementry. It not only helps you serve better, but also enhances the beauty of your kitchen.

Stitch Sense Mango Wood Bowl Large

This is the best selling bowl at Ellementry. It is a carved wooden bowl that bends well with your everyday routine. Your salad looks perfect in it and remains fresh. Made of mango wood, it also has a unique stitched up look.

Knowing and identifying the best salad bowls in the market is definitely an overwhelming sight. But with the information above, the task has become easier by several notches. If you are looking to buy a salad bowl that looks quaint and goes very well with your settings, then there are many online platforms that will give you some great products at exceptional deals great varieties.

One of those places is Ellementry, a perfect home décor product website that contains some of the rarest yet finest pieces of tableware that are not usually seen anywhere. Visit today and check out the wide range of bowls here.

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