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How to Decide Table Cover as per the Occasion 

A table is used for different types of purposes and is a functional furniture item in the home. The dining table is usually the main table around the household and there are also different types of tables around the house. These include the accent table, the side table, the center table in the living room, and even the bar table that can be placed around the household. These tables are used to place meals and also as side tables to place small household items and showpieces.  

Table Covers For Household Tables 

Table covers are cloths that are used to cover the table. Table covers are very useful as they add to the décor of the home and also a functional aspect of table covers is that they keep the tables clean and protect them from the food and other items placed on the table. We at Ellementry website help customers find the perfect table covers for different types of occasions. Table cloths are available in different shapes and sizes and the choice of table covers depends on the décor and style of the household.

Various Elements of Table Covers 

Table covers are usually a linen item that is required for everyday purposes and also for special occasions. The type of fabric, the color, the design of the table cover and the shapes and sizes of the table covers play a role in deciding on the right type of table cover for different occasions. The interior décor and theme of the occasions also play a role while deciding on the table cover. 

How to Decide the Table Covers Based For Different Occasions 

Types of Occasions That Need Tablecloths 

The main aspect of decision making for table cover to buy depends on the occasion for which the table is being set. This means that a table cover for a birthday party is usually very different from a table cover used for an elegant dinner party. The types of occasions where food is served usually require table covers for the tables on which the buffet is laid or for the dining tables. These parties include anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, wedding or baby showers, graduation parties, festive religious parties or even casual parties thrown for friends. For example, using elegant table covers for a formal dinner party is a good idea and using colorful and bright table covers with festive designs for religious festivals makes sense.  

Types of Fabric Used in Table Covers 

While buying a table cover for different occasions, the type of fabric used also plays a critical role in the decision-making process. There are different variety of materials used to make table covers and some are very expensive and elegant while others are made with cheaper materials primarily for protecting the table. Table cloths or covers are made using cotton, satin, polyester, vinyl, silk and even plastic. Table covers that are used for the dining table, buffet or the center table are usually made with beautiful designs and expensive materials while plain cotton, polyester, and plastic table covers or even disposable table covers are used for the kitchen table or in fast-food restaurants. The texture of the fabric which is used as table covers also is an important aspect of choosing a table cover. 

Colors of Table Covers 

We at Ellementry website offer the customers a wide range of table covers in different colors and designs which work perfectly with different occasions. It is a good idea to have a collection of table covers that work well for different events. The basic colors used for table covers are the various shades of white and beige. For parties mostly different colorful table cloths are placed on top of table covers in various shades of white at an angle. Some of the party favorites include colors like pink, red, yellow, green, orange, purple, and blue as these colors pop and make the décor look attractive. 

Designs Used in Table Covers 

A plain table cover is usually a top choice for different types of occasions whether for a casual party or elegant dinners. Lace is common for elegant dinners and is used in table covers for elegant parties. There are many types of table covers which include embroidery designs, damask fabric floral designs, stock prints, stripes, checks, plaid, and even sheer fabric designs that are all popular for different types of events. Designs used in table covers depend on the type of party. Floral prints and lace designs are great for a feminine party like a tea party or a wedding shower while casual college parties have table covers with edgy geometric prints and checks designs. 

Interior Décor & Location of the Party 

Table covers that are used for different parties depending on the interior décor of the room. Interior décor of party places or even homes can be modern, trendy, edgy, classic, rustic, contemporary, plain, vibrant, and artistic or even follow a style from a previous decade. It is important to have an idea about the interior décor of the party’s location to decide on the cover. The location plays a role in this decision as sometimes the parties are outdoor events. The table cover to buy depends on the theme of the interior décor as well as the theme of the party.

 Party Themes 

Different types of table covers can be bought online, in online shops like Ellementry for different occasions. Nowadays, occasions and parties usually have a theme and the theme of a party plays a role in the décor including the style of table covers. Some of the themes include decade parties, Arabian nights, Hawaii nights, Superhero parties, masked balls, bohemian style parties, beach parties and the table covers used in these parties must follow the theme. The cover can have some prints that can perfectly go well with the party theme.  

Shapes and Sizes of Tables 

While planning a party, tables are usually bought before table covers. The table cover to buy for a party usually depends on the table that is bought for the party. These tables can be for food refreshments and also as table chair units for guests to sit comfortably during the party. It is important to take measurements of the table, assess the shape and size of the table to then understand which type of table covers to choose. Ellementry website has table covers of different shapes and sizes which are made by using good quality materials and fabrics. Some of the table cover shapes include rectangle, oval, square, and round shapes and available for tables of different sizes. 

Table covers are needed for most types of tables that are used around the household as well as tables used for special occasions and dinner parties. They protect the tables as well as add to the décor and theme of the party. The above-mentioned aspects and elements play a critical role in deciding on the table cover as per different special occasions. Table covers are an important element of planning a special occasion and buying good quality table covers online is a great idea. Visit Ellementry today.

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