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Bartenders make every party a tremendous success with their amazing coordination skills. Besides, there is a basic etiquette followed by the bartenders in providing a hygienic and safe environment for the guests. There are some proactive steps to be followed in making the job more graceful by making the bar a better place for the guests to hang out. Cleaning concurrently as the party goes makes the bartender job stress-free as you go with the flow. It is because orderly environments impress guests largely in the first place.

Cleaning is only a part of a bartender's life as their role is extensive in a bar. Right from cleaning the spills on the table to stocking up the bar bartender plays a key role in getting the right set up for the next party. Bartender's contribution in a bar is huge and, every one of them deserves great recognition for their effectiveness at work. 


  • Have an Inbuilt Setup


Setting up the entire bar essentials before the party starts is a good way of planning your party. This includes all related bar tools like jigger, cocktail glasses, spoons, and, garnishes that to be placed in a convenient place to serve the guests at times of need. Have them all organized in the kitchen to serve the guests on time rather than keeping it as clutter to search at times of urgent needs.


  • Wipe down the Bar


A good bartender keeps the bar neat and tidy by regularly cleaning the surface. It is the initial note to the guests the moment they enter the bar. Pay attention to the surface and, do the cleaning process whenever required. Keep a clean washrag with sanitizer all-time behind the bar.


  •  Clean the Trash Often


Make it a practice to trash the waste immediately rather than storing it. There are chances that you may become busy in attending to the guests later which causes a sickening smell in the bar backyard. 

Running to trash the waste in the middle of the party can be exhausting and annoying for the guests as they get a bad impression of your bar with the way you manage things. If some guests are expected in the evening, make sure you complete this task well before they arrive and, maintain the bar with dignity.


  • Wash the Glassware


Glassware is important barware to entertain the guests with tasty wines. It can be time-consuming to wash glasses in hand that the bartenders find it hard to handle the demands of the guests. For this reason, relying on washing systems is sensible to make the glasses clean and stainless every time you serve a drink to the customer.

Many bars have employed high-temperature glasswasher in concern of supplying clean glasses to the guests. An important feature of these systems is that they have a water tank to make the hot water easily available. The hot water kills any deadly germs in the glasses by making it refined for drinking purpose.

The bartender is required to change the water regularly and, dry the glasses properly after washing it to avoid any bad smell from the glassware.

End of the Day Cleaning Hacks


  • Sweep behind the Bar


The back bar needs to be swept thoroughly at the end of each day to keep it available for the next day.


  • Empty and Clean the Ice Bins or Buckets


Ice buckets are indispensable bar accessories of any bar set-up. They are useful in serving the cold drinks to the guests in a short time. They are so functional that bartenders do not realize the need for cleaning of ice buckets in their regular cleaning schedule.

Since the ice buckets without lids are kept open in the bar, there is a need to disinfect them to avoid any contamination of the buckets. To achieve this, every bartender must ensure the ice is cleared from the bucket every night and, scrub well with a quality sanitizer.


  • Wash your Floor Mats Everyday


Floor mats require daily washing to avoid spreading of any germs to the guests. Make sure to wash the floor mats in the dishwasher after washing all the vessels as the floor mats can sustain the high temperature of the dishwashers.

Do this as a safety measure to prevent your back bar from harmful bacteria entering into the place.


  • Wipe down Bottles in the Speed Shelves


Most bartenders prefer to keep their bottles of wine in a speed shelf to get quick access to commonly served drinks. Since this space is exclusively designed for speed, there are chances for spills and stains that the bartenders are not much worried about in their hectic schedules.

To maintain the shelves tidy, bartenders need to wipe each bottle at the end of each day. They have to serve every drink out of a clean bottle to their guests.

If you are using removable nozzles or bottle toppers then make it a practice to wash them in your dishwasher every night to ensure they are fresh.


  • Clean the Speed Rails


Speed rails are easy to clean for bartenders as they are made of stainless steel. Clean them every day to maintain a healthy user-friendly environment.


  • Clean Soda Guns


As soda, guns serve sugary drinks they are prone to dirt easily. An unsanitary soda gun can give a negative taste to your drinks. An easy cleaning task for every bartender that can deliver an improved taste to the serving drink.


  • Clean Back Bar Food Service Station


This includes deep fryers and steam tables wherein bartenders need to replace the oil every night. Clean any oil spills instantly and, apply sanitizer over the steam tables to make it ready for use the next day.


  • Refill Service Trays

Make sure you clean the trays in which you serve stirrers, straws, and, toothpicks to the guests. Also, refill them with the new ones every time after cleaning the tray.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist


  • Clean the Coolers 


Reach-in coolers are stands to store items needed for daily bar activities. Made from stainless steel and, easy to clean to remove any spills in the interior part of the cooler. When bartenders clean this, they get a chance to dispose of expired items and, store fresh items only.


  • Clean the Movable Equipment


Movable systems are prone to grease damage and, it is important to wash them to maintain the regimen of the bar. In case if it is near a deep fryer, they are susceptive to oil spills, which needs to be cleaned once in a week by bartenders.


A bartender plays an active role in the business as they are the ones who maintain the bar clean also satisfy the guests with so much cordiality. Being a bartender is not an easy job for the above reasons. If a bartender is not doing his job rightly then every bar would be a mess influencing the reputation of the business.

It is important to employ the right bartenders who work hard with their multitasking skills to keep your place neat thereby bringing more guests to your bar. Appreciate them by giving them rewards for the excellent work they do to keep your guests happy and satisfied.

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