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What is your go to munching snack of all time? 

Is it the sweet cookies, spicy namkeen, or healthy nuts? 

Out of all the three, nuts are tasty, convenient and can be eaten anytime, anywhere on all kinds of diets. They have some impressive health benefits. Nuts are available in a wide variety. Each has its taste and colour. You can eat them raw or put them in your pudding, shake, and other food items. The best time to eat them is said to be morning. Put each kind in the beautiful nut bowls by Ellementry. It is an exclusive homeware brand that is the answer to all your container and utensils related problems.

Liyah Brown Wood Nut Bowl

Coming back to the health benefits of having nuts every day, here are some reasons lined up for you. 

Great source of energy

There is no doubt that nuts are a great source of energy. They are full of nutrients. Some of them even keep you full for a long time. The carb content in each is varied. But, above all, they are an excellent source of nutrients. They are perfect for those who follow a low-carb diet plan. 

Weight loss

This is probably the desired benefit of nutritional nuts. They are composed of fats which counters the weight gain process. Interestingly, the fats in nuts are unsaturated. This means you feel more satisfied after eating and eat less. When you eat less, have nutritional food items, naturally, your weight tends to reduce with time. 

Diabetes control

Nut consumption is the easiest way to control diabetes. According to a study by Harvard, people with type2 diabetes who eat more than five servings of nut every week are 17% less prone to heart diseases. 

Along with all these benefits, nuts are the easiest snack to serve to the guests, along with coffee and cookie. Have a look at these artistic nut bows from Ellementry. You can fill them with different types of nuts and put the bowl on the coffee table. It is healthy, super delicious and always ready to make one feel full and healthy. 

Black masala wooden nut bowl- large & small  

Do you wish to indulge in roasted nuts but with caution? Then dress up your snacking with a black masala nut bowl - large & small. This kitchen bowl set is a must-have if you're looking to improve your diet. When kids see healthy dry snacks presented nicely in this nut bowl, they will be eager to try them. The black pepper appearance will enhance your meal experience even more. 

Liyah brown wooden nut bowl –medium 

Nibbles and something crunchy gets a suitable base with this eye-pleasing liyah brown wooden nut bowl. It has a beautiful matt finish and polish that will win your heart in one look. Its simplicity is what makes it stand out. You can bring the bowl out and use it every day. If one wants, the bowl will look wonderfully well on the table on special occasions. The bowl is made of mango wood. The product is perfect for those who want their belongings to be one-of-a-kind. 

Fiore ceramic nut bowl  

Your bar collection is incomplete without this fryst wooden bowl by Ellementry. Redefine your barware using this artistic bowl. Fill it with healthy snacks. Everything will look good in this bowl. When you have invited some friends over for a drink, you cannot offer them nibbles in an ordinary bowl. Just like your exquisite wine collection, your serveware must be special as well. How would you feel if someone invites you over and offers your food in daily-use bowls and glasses? Not good right! Upgrade your bar collection as per your lifestyle. Bring this fiore ceramic nut bowl toad elegance to the space. 

Twain Glass jar with wooden bowl 

Many individuals enjoy nuts but frequently neglect to obtain a bowl and pour the snack into it. Repeatedly opening the jar will allow more air to accumulate inside and cause the snacks to go bad. This issue is resolved by combining two glass jars with a wooden bowl (large). There is no need to find a bowl because the lid features a wooden bowl top that doubles as a serving tray. Simply open the jar and pour the snacks into the closed bowl. Take it with you when you're idle or on the move! 

All the nut bowls by Ellementry are made from100% sustainable material. Explore some more at

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