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One year of everyday beautiful!
A letter from form to function

Dear Function,

I remember being born along side you. We’ve always been one in nature. The leaves have rustled the symphony of our union for ages. And above them the moon enacts our story too. Looking beautiful, it waxes and wanes on time to drive the tide.

So why did we fall out of touch, when it came to spreading into homes, into lives, into people’s routine? Don’t get me wrong, we still did our best individually. You fulfilled purposes in their lives and made them easier. And I was always there, a pattern here, a shape there, never letting them compromise on beauty. But we stopped being together, like you and I are meant to be.

That was until I found you again, last year at Ellementry.

I remember the first thing you whispered to me, as artistic hands brought us together on the moulding wheel: that true beauty is what looks good and also does good.

You gave me a purpose everyday. As a terracotta bottle that brings back culture to walk among us even today. Cutlery stands that give the best of vases an inferiority complex. Together, we’ve given old newspapers a wonderful second life. Sunday brunches now happen even on Mondays, all because you click so well with me.

It’s been a joyride to turn the mundane into beauty with you. To turn every day beautiful. With you. All along this journey, I’ve considered you my equal. And I can’t wait to see what else is in store for us.

Yours truly,

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