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We know that you have a tea party at your house and you must be wondering how to make it extra special? Well, let me tell you that you are in the best place as we will help you with how to decorate the tea theme corner of your house? We will also share with you about the right kind of cup and tea saucers to buy. 

Follow the following steps to decorate the tea theme corner of your house.

1). Plan out the food and drinks

Whether you have a tea party or a dinner party, the most important part is food and drinks. They are part of the decoration as what can look more decorative than some delicious snacks and drinks on the table. The tea party should have a variety of tea including a range of herbal tea such as camomile tea, green tea, chocolate tea, lemon meringue tea and the special tea of your culture. For example, Indian tea. As we all know that tea party is not just about tea but also the tasty snacks that follow tea such as cupcakes, sandwiches, samosa, chips, cookies and much more. So there should be a nice balance of savoury and sweet items. Plan them beforehand whether you want to cook on your own or you want to get it from outside as they gonna play a greater role in the decoration of the tea theme corner of your house. What can be more attractive than mouth-watering food items on the table? Once you are done with food and drinks you are halfway through for your party. 

2). Settling and decorating the tea table

After the food and drinks come settling and decorating the table. Some of the table setting and decorating items you would need are:


  • Table Cloth- Table cloth can say a lot about your tea party. Try to get some nice table covers. Try can try getting the disposable ones too. How about the table cloth with cup and saucer prints? It will look nice and funky. But if you are looking for something elegant and subtle, you use plain table cloths with light colours with some designer borders. You can check out a cotton table cloth on Ellementry.



This is the most important element of your tea party as this is something to be directly used by your guests. If you are looking for some teacups and saucer to buy, visit our Elementry website. Try our blue meadow ceramic teacup and saucer. It is as happy with microwave as with oven and dishwasher. It won’t overburden you after your guests leave as it doesn’t demand much maintenance and care. You can pair it with our other items of blue meadow collection to make it complete. Look for a similar sugar pot and a milk pot. If you cant find similar patterns, look for similar colours.  


  • Plates, soup bowls, silverware, and glasses


     You would be needing utensils like plates, soup bowls, silverware, and glasses. Food items to be served will require all these. Make sure you but these things keeping in mind your tea set. For example, if you are planning to have everything silver such as silver kettle, silver sugar pot, etc then try to keep other utensils of silver colour or at least with a silver lining. 

If you are serving cake or cupcakes, do not forget to buy a cake stand, it will add charm to your tea party. At Ellementry, we also sell a stylish cake server set. Try that out too.  

Also, you would be needing three-tier or two-tier stand for cupcakes and sandwiches. We can also help you buy these from our Ellementry website. They can be your showstopper at your party. 


  • Flowers and candles


         No table is complete without candles and flowers. Take out your best vase which you must have kept inside for very long to save and maybe thought of using it on a special occasion. This is the right time to use it. Add some flowers to it. Fresh flowers look great and tulips are in vogue. No more roses, please! Keep the roses aside for romantic dinner dates and wow your guests with some fresh multicoloured or particular coloured tulips. Orchids will also look great. Nothing can replace fresh flowers but you can use artificial flowers too in case you want. These days we have some artificial flowers that look real. 

Candles have become a part of every party these days since it became a luxury good over a period of time. It is because of it’s fragrance and looks. For example, mess-free jar candles are the best. All you need to choose is nice smelling fragrances. Choose the one you like and set the mood for the party. Go for mild ones as you may not want to disturb the fragrances coming from your cake and your tea. Without the candles, the tea theme corner of your house will be incomplete. 


  • The centrepiece for your table


The centrepiece for your table should be either as per your tea party theme or it can be based on an upcoming festival. For example, keeping a pumpkin for a Halloween themed tea party. With a beautiful centrepiece, you can make tea theme corners of your house very catchy. The centrepiece should be small and elegant as you will be needing more space to add food and tea to your table.


  • Music is important 

Music is the soul of any party, be it a tea party or dinner party. Set soothing music to create the right mood. Instrumental music works really well but the taste of music can vary from person to person. Some also like classical or jazz music playing softly in the background. You can make a playlist and make sure that volume should be low as music should not override the conversations amongst the guests. 


  • Steep, Sip and Enjoy

       If you will prepare everything beforehand, you will be ready to steep,  sip and enjoy the tea. Relax and enjoy your favourite tea with your family and friends. You also deserve the fruits of your efforts. If your guests like, you can also add some fun games to your party at the end like Tambola or cards.  

If you follow the above steps of this guide, you will be at ease while planning for the tea party at your house. A corner of your house on a tea theme will look good enough to attract your guests and make them feel comfortable. Our Ellementry website will help you further with cups and saucers to buy along with many small items that can add charm to your tea party with very little effort. 

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