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Do you often dream of having a beautiful garden one day? Do you wish to cut the herbs right from their source and use them in your recipes? Do the beautiful green shades of plants attract you? If you live in an apartment building or someplace where a big garden is not possible, then there is no need to feel sad about it. 

There is one fantastic way via which you can achieve the garden of your dreams. Planter garden is a perfectly viable way of bringing home greens without worrying much about the space. All you will need is the best pots from ellementry and you are all set to make a green space in your living room. 

You must have heard that one can enjoy many benefits from planting an array of greens. There are some which provide you with health positive herbs, enhance the indoor air quality, while others add to the beauty of the space. Whatever is your reason to bring home planter pots, natural elements only work in advantageous ways. 

Planters to make your home green


It is also said that a home decorated with flora brings relaxation and reduce daily stress. If you suffer from anxiety, which is quite common these days or battling with depression, tending to your garden regularly can bring out positive emotions, helping you deal with the negative ones. It also provides you with a sense of purpose as you are nurturing a life. 

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Now, let’s talk about some containers that will enhance the look of your living room with its subtle and attractive appearance. 

Ort Ceramic Planter

It is natural to think that you have less space in the living area. However, when it comes to pots, even the slightest space could be utilized. The table beside the sofa is a great spot to place this ort ceramic planter. Its eggshell colour will complement any wall shade or other decor items. 

Ort Ceramic Planter

If you are thinking of the mess that it will create, be worry-free because the pot comes with a drip tray that collects excess water. There will be no need to deal with stains or mess of any kind. Add in your favourite seeds to nurture it from the very beginning or add a sapling for a quick effect. 

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Ljo Ceramic Planter With Stand

If you have a bare shelf or need some revamp, this ljo ceramic vessel with a stand can do wonders. You can also create a focal point by dedicating the entire shelf to the pots. It will create a mesmerizing and enchanting look that will put you at ease almost instantly. 

This particular one comes with a drip tray and a wooden stand to give the pot more height. The chic shade is perfect for every home and decoration. Whatever plants you will put inside it bring in the beauty that is hard to beat in any other way.

Teravak Embossed Planter

A metal bench in your home is lying vacant? It happens that countertops, desks, and benches often lay bare. You can place teravak embossed vase along with the above-mentioned options for that striking look. The empty area will be put to better use and this decoration will win many compliments. Do remember the idea here is to play with a mix of plants, sizes and colours. You can also imbibe a creative idea. 

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Ort Ceramic Planter (short)

Sometimes, all our living room needs is a dash and pop of different hues. A creative soul who loves to paint can make most of this opportunity with an ort ceramic planter. Even if you aren’t that good with paints, become a child. Colour it in any way you want. You can also ask your kids to participate in the activity and put their handprint on the pot. It will be a great way of making memories. 

You can then place the container at the centre table or whatever place you like. Whenever guests arrive, your creativity or artistic skills will become an amusing topic of discussion. This will certainly help in breaking the ice or making those small conversations. 

It’s not only plants but even the pots that can make a huge difference to your living space. Don’t wait and go wild. Shop the best planters from and give your home a makeover within a budget. It is that one exercise in which the entire family can participate and have a great time. The memories of such days will always stay by your side, lifting you now and then. 

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