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Whether you are bored with your old, single-coloured coasters or you are still thinking that you need coasters or not, coasters are indeed important for your home table and car. They have serious business to do when you are leaving a glass of water or a drink behind. 

Following are some of the quirky coasters to spark up your home table and car:


  • Barnyard Ceramic Coasters: Ceramic coasters are good to go option because ceramic is friendly with cold as well as warm temperature. A quirky coaster made up of ceramic with some colourful and beautiful patterns is a must buy. A barnyard ceramic coaster with green, yellow and cream pattern is perfect for your home table. It’s not just about the design and craft but also they are easy to maintain. They are not just microwave friendly but dishwasher and oven friendly too. Just handle them with love and care. If you are tempted to buy coasters for your table, visit our Ellementry website to choose a good one that suits your decor.  


  • Shibori Fibre Coaster: Shibori Fibre Coaster is made from recycled wood and resin. Such material is ideal for hot and cold beverages. It’s material and ethnic shibori print on it makes it a perfect fit for your wooden table. Such quirky coasters look good and do good. It is also easy to maintain as wood is washable. All you need to do is just rinse it with a mild detergent but deep water soaks are not recommended.  


  • Flourish Ceramic Coaster: A hand-painted quirky coaster looks beautiful on any kind of table. It gives an artistic touch to your home decor. They are best suited for any party or a meeting. Lay a light coloured table cloth like light green or light pink and place them on it. They will look so charming and will give the appearance of a painting on the table. They are also made up of ceramic and can handle cold and hot temperature equally well. You can quickly grab one from our Ellementry Website. 


  • Mango Wood Indigo Coaster With Stand: If you are looking for a unique coaster for your table then you will love this one. The best part of these coasters is that they have a stand to rest when they are not in use. They are also crafted with mango wood and are washable. The beautiful black and brown print adds grace to the product. Imagine them resting on a white colour table cover next to some wooden furniture. Won’t they look great? They will look amazing. These you may not find anywhere else but surely on our Ellementry website.  


  • Cut-work Coasters: Coasters made up of a thick cloth are as good as the wooden or ceramic ones. They look very pretty, especially the ones with the cut-work. They are easy to wash and hence, do not demand much care. They are ideal for any kind of table and add spark to the table mats and table cover too. A lacy table cover would be their ideal match.  


  • Wooden Face Coaster: Wooden face coasters are ideal for theme parties like mask parties at home. They are unique and set the theme for an event. They are also a perfect gift for a housewarming party because of their uniqueness. If you are bored with old shapes like round, square, triangle, these are the ones for you.  

  1. Rangoli Style: The most quirky coasters are these colourful ones. They remind of a rangoli and are made up of quality plastic material and some mixed elements. They look gorgeous anywhere you place them. To make them look more decorative, choose the colour combination of your choice and place them a light colour table cover. They will be eye-catching and will look embossed on your table. They are washable and demand hassle-free maintenance.  


  • Pom-Poms Coasters: This is another range of colourful coasters for your table. Pom poms are so much in vogue these days that they are used in almost in the making of every and any accessory like earrings, footwear, key chains, etc. You can buy them or create them on your own. All you need is glue, a piece of wood and some pom poms.  You can buy a pack from any stationary shop or a craft shop. Cut the wood into small pieces in the shape of your choice. Stick the pom poms with the help of glue on the wooden piece and your pom-poms coaster is ready. Various varieties can be created such as single-colour coaster can be created. Think about a bright orange colour pom-poms coaster on your wooden table. It will look bright and beautiful. 


  • Coasters with a message: You must have seen coasters with prints like ‘Expresso’, ‘Tea’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Cappuccino’, etc. They look nice. But similarly, there are more coasters which comes with a message giving you some instructions. For example, ‘don’t screw up the table’, ‘don’t stain up the table’, ‘lift your spirits’, ‘ don’t make me wet’, etc. Such messages can give you a good laugh on your coffee or wine table and also gives the message to the user to use it with precaution and don’t create any mess. If your guests know how to take a good joke, these quirky coasters are for them. 

Try these quirky coasters for your table and car. These are the best and the chosen ones to elevate your home decor. Keep decorating. Visit Ellementry today to buy some of the best ones.

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