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When it comes to mug selection for your daily coffee and tea there is a huge range available in the market to buy from. But before you go for any mug for yourself or for your near and dear ones you must consider many factors like looks, strength, capacity, cost and most importantly it’s thermal conductivity ( means for how long it can keep your drink hot). There is one material that fits best in all the above criteria and that is “Ceramic”.

At Ellementry you will get a large range of ceramic mugs to buy from that to at marginal prices.

Today we are going to tell you how going for a ceramic mug is a smart choice always.


Ceramic is a low-cost material hence the products made with it are available at much cheaper prices as compared to the same products made with other materials like glass, steel, copper, etc. This is the main reason that when people think over which mugs to buy for their daily beverages ceramic mugs win hands down. You can always get numerous varieties of ceramic mugs to select from at Ellementry and that also on nominal prices.

It Is Strong

Ceramic is a material that is mechanically strong and can be given the desired shape easily. Mugs and other products made with ceramics have a long life as compared to mugs made of glass. Also ceramic can be given any shape easily that makes possible to make different design mugs.

Ceramic Mugs Keep Your Drink Warm For Longer Time

Ceramic has the quality of retaining heat for a longer time. This means that if you are also among people who make their coffee/tea and get busy with some other work or who like to enjoy their morning or evening drink really slow then you will not have to reheat your drink again and again. For people like you, ceramic mugs should be on the top of the list. To get that perfect ceramic mug for your favourite beverage do visit Ellementry. At Ellementry we have got a vast collection of ceramic mugs at a minimal cost.

Environment Friendly

Ceramic mugs last for years. Just imagine the number of disposable mugs you would have used till now if you didn’t have your own personal ceramic mug. As we all know that disposable glasses are not biodegradable so we must try to use them only when it's too much needed. Also, ceramic mugs are lightweight as compared to glass mugs so transporting them requires less space and manpower which in turn helps people in saving money, petrol and efforts. If you want to contribute towards environment protection you know which mugs to buy. 

Your Coffee/Tea Tastes Better In Ceramic Mug

Having your beverage becomes enjoyable when the mug you are holding is comfortable. Ceramic mugs are lightweight with a good texture, also as the outer surface of ceramic mug doesn’t get heat up it becomes easy to hold it which is not the case with stainless steel mug. The chromium oxide layer on steel mug that makes it stainless steel absorbs all soaps, manufacturing lubricants and other rancid components which makes it health hazardous to use in the long run. It is said that the taste of anything becomes better after smelling it. When you use ceramic mug you get a chance to bury your nose in your mug to smell your beverage which increases its taste a lot more. It gives your beverage that perfect earthen taste. If you want to enjoy your tea and coffee at each sip then pick that stylish ceramic coffee mug at Ellementry, that too at unbelievably nominal prices. 

Awesome Marketing Tool 

If you are a business person who has organized an event or someone who has started a new venture and wants to do promotions then keeping a small gift for people attending your event can be a good idea. For this ceramic mug is the best choice. You can get your company’s name, logo, and picture printed on the mug so that people can remember about you and your company forever. Nowadays a huge variety of ceramic mugs are available in the market in different shapes, colours, textures. You can select a mug that suits best to your company or you can even get mugs made to order as per your choice and rate.

Great Personalized Gift

Are you tired of the same boring gifting ideas? Do you want to impress your friend with a unique gift, specially made for him/her then custom ceramic mug can be a smart choice. Nowadays you can get pictures printed on a ceramic mug. Imagine how happy your friend will be to hold a mug with his/her picture or name written on it. So whenever you want to tell your friend how thoughtful you are, going for a personalized ceramic mug always works. You can always select a ceramic mug for your friend from Ellementry. At Ellementry you will find a number of ceramic mugs in different designs, textures, shapes, and colours all at marginal prices


Most of the people are attached to their coffee/tea mugs. They want their beverages to be served in that particular mug. They have many memories attached to that mug and so that mug has to be special. People are very particular when selecting a mug and take into consideration many points before finalizing one. If you want a mug that is long-lasting, attractive, economical and high quality at the same time then Ceramic mug is the best choice for you. A ceramic mug is also the most loved object when it comes to gifting purposes. Whatever the occasion is, a pretty ceramic mug will always be appreciated. Whether you are looking for a mug for yourself or anyone else a ceramic mug is the best choice to go with. You can always visit Ellementry for the ceramic mug you always desired for and that too at nominal prices.

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