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Planning a party or guests coming over and confused over which tableware colour combination will make your dining place the talk of the town? Don’t stress out! Tableware colour sets the language of the mood at the table: for instance, formal dinners cater to a few restricted colour combinations which may be too sober for celebratory dinners. Ambience plays a vital role in ensuring the aesthetic and worthwhile success of the dinner party you are hosting. The significance of tableware colour combination at appropriate occasions is subtle but prominent. With Ellementry, the fruition of their creative brilliance of handcrafted items paves the way for appropriate tableware for every occasion. 

Tableware colour combinations for specific occasions

Colourful Tableware

In today’s day and age, we are increasingly moving towards a rebuilding of age-old heritage through art and culture. Ellementry upholds these values in their carefully created handmade cutlery of stone, terracotta, clear glass, wood, ceramics, and so much more. Tableware colour combination gives you the liberty to set the tone of the occasion in the honour of which you are hosting the dinner. There can be a million reasons behind a celebratory meal with friends, family or colleagues, and each occasion varies from another. Despite the difference, occasions and the tableware colour combination used in each of them can be generalized into a few broad categories: 

    • Formal:

 Formal tableware arrangement follows a basic modus operandi of a serving plate being topped by a dinner and salad plate, knives and spoons on the right, forks on the left, dessert cutlery on top, and wine glasses to your right. The tableware colour palette strictly abides by white but monochromatic blue is the next best option of elegance. Liven this combination with a sombre centrepiece. Silver cutlery adds a little spark to the otherwise bland table setting. 

    • Outdoor:

 The liberty of informal seating arrangements gives you the scope of fusion and experiments you can try out. Ellementry takes pride in bringing you a mix of worlds unfathomable together, for instance, for a bright, sunny day, your tableware colour could be steely blues accompanied by copper cutlery. Warm colours like light yellows or oranges with copper utensils can spice it up. 

    • Romantic: 

Tableware combinations can vary for romantic occasion depending on your mood and kind of parity you have with your partner. With Ellementry, you get ample options to spice it up for you at the table. If you are going with soft pinks and reds, pair it up with copper cutlery to add finesse to a sophisticated date. Champagne-coloured tableware heightens luxury to the ambience. Terracotta can bring a rustic, relaxed mood to the table. 

    • Modern: 

Minimalism, sophistication, and drama are the key features of a contemporary table setting. Cool, simplistic settings such as metallic greys or clear glass with silver cutlery, and a dramatic centrepiece are something idealistic for a modern table setting. These combinations give you a hint of sophistication with drama without being too boisterous.  

    • Festive:  

Gold and emerald green is a tableware colour combination that is ideal for festive dinners. Your table needs to reflect on the celebrations of the festivities. Copper cutlery, with a gold palette, is a great combination. Greens and blue painted ceramics with silver cutlery with a statement centrepiece with gold or copper finishes are ideal for a warm, familial festive table setting.  

There are ample other occasions with different tableware colour to suit the need of the moment. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the appropriate combination to use for every occasion. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that tableware colour combination depends upon a true understanding of the mood and ambience of the day. It is like choosing the perfect attire to wear to an event or a party. You cannot afford to overdress or underdress and the only way to gauge the right amount of decking up is to understand the theme of the event. Arranging a table and getting ready for a party is quite similar.

Things to Keep in Mind for Appropriate Tableware Colour Settings

Ellementry takes you down the lanes of the artistic history of India with a tinge of modernity. Fusing the historical richness of Indian culture with the minimalism of Western sophistication makes way for refreshing alternatives to crockery with the class and elegance of tradition. These striped, painted, organic cutlery requires maintenance so that you can mix match with different tableware colours and create your unique combinations.

    • Earthenware, Stoneware and Woodenware:

 These make for interesting outdoor seating arrangements of the colour palettes of greens, blues, browns, and yellows. They are more durable, heavier and aid in expressing the artistic, cultural side of their hosts. Woodenware is hand-painted by food-safe colours by expert artisans of Ellementry and requires utmost protection from damage. It is advisable to rid the utensils off any food items as quickly as possible. 

    • Terracotta and Ceramic:

 These are perfect for modern table settings. They are environment-friendly and exhibit warmth and affection. Terracotta is ideal for baking purposes as it is known to distribute heat all around the dish evenly. They can be used as water canters as they maintain the cool temperature of the water for a long time. With ceramic, you have the liberty to experiment with abstract art, colours and aesthetics. They are ideal for sober browns, mint greens, and cyan. 

    • Choosing appropriate cutlery:

Choosing the correct cutlery is like adding proper punctuation to your writing. A misplaced comma can have grave consequences and, similarly, so can cutlery. Your entire ambience and appearance can go for a toss if you choose the wrong cutlery. Cool colours like blues, greys, blacks should be accentuated with silver cutlery. Warm colours like reds, oranges, golden, etc. can go along with copper or golden cutlery. They infuse a form of richness to your table. 

    • Centrepiece: 

Centrepieces are the centre of attraction, almost like a showstopper at a fashion show. It needs to be the statement of the tableware colour combination you have selected for the occasion. Gaudy, overflowing centrepieces are quite a nuisance, blocking fields of vision across the table and ruining the mood. Festive table setting arrangements with golds can have a centrepiece of an elegant bouquet on a short copper vase or a formal table setting with a white palette that could liven up with small pots of green plants in the centre. Keep it elegant and simple. 

    • Washing and Maintenance: 

Maintaining fine cutlery is of utmost importance. Avoid using dishwashers, scrubbers or detergents with lemon when washing fine cutlery. These may cause damage to the paint, decoration or quality of the material. The best way to clean it is to do it as soon as possible after eating and to use a soft cloth. Store silvers and metal cutlery separately from one another and regular cutlery wrapped up individually.


Maintaining a colour scheme is very important to have a presentable table arrangement impressing one and all. Ellementry follows traditional designs with a twist of modernity, with food safety benefits despite the artistic beauty it will add to your table. Their philosophy is bringing to you, safe, beautiful, environment-friendly, artistic masterpieces for you to have memorable experiences on your dinner table.

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