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New Home. New Beginnings. New Decor.

Moved into your new house or just want to redecorate your house from scratch but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry! We, at Ellementry got your back.

We are here to help you and to make your experience joyful. Our fun-filled ideas will make your efforts worthwhile. We will make your journey of decorating your new home super easy. And here we go…

  1. Declutter the old items before you start decorating your home  

Old items: old furniture and other house essentials 

It’s time to declutter in order to enjoy the new beginning. So declutter first in order to decorate better. There must be so many items that you have but you may not want to keep them for the new house. So one should make a list of items one wants to keep for the new house and also give them new space in your new home. This will help you to shop better for new things for home decor. This step should be done wisely as each product can enhance or ruin the beauty of your new home. Once you have decided what to keep and what to let go, you can proceed to the next step of deciding the colours. 

  1. Decide your colours 

Colours: Creme, White, Brown, Black

Colours play a crucial role in your home decor, especially, the colour of the walls. Decide on your colours first. Think about the colours you want in your house. Choose contrasting colours like black and white, brown and cream or bright colours. Further, decide what colour you want to keep for your walls. Some people may prefer trendy colours while others may want to go with subtle. Deciding colours makes your overall shopping for decor items easy. Never settle for one colour combination. Nowadays, we have a variety of wallpapers available in the market. You can choose wallpapers for your walls to add an extra touch.

    Pin down your design style for home interior

There are a lot of styles to opt for home decor. Here are the most recommended ones for you.

  • Traditional: This style is for you if you have chosen calm colours for your home decor. It is the most popular design style which is all about comfort and cosiness. This style goes best with wooden or vintage furniture with classic lines, crown moulding, and accessories like China vases and framed paintings. 
  • Contemporary: The colour theme for contemporary style is normally black, white or grey with primary colour accents. If you have these colours on your mind then you can go for this style also. Such style uses elements like metal, stone, and glass replacing the wooden look. This style is a good idea for smaller spaces. 
  • Modern: The homes that work best with modern decor are the ones which are constructed during and after the 1950s. This style is well-tailored and featured clean lines. Wood and earth tones add good feel to these clean lines. 
  • Farmhouse: Farmhouse style is very popular these days. All thanks to designer Joanna Gainnes. This style emphasizes the use of organic and natural material which is the foundation of this style. Materials such as dressed wood, metal and woven fabric are the ones that enhance the look of the furniture. 

  4.Prioritize rooms and plan accordingly

Usually, people overburden themselves by thinking about the whole house at once. But the easiest step would be to take rooms one by one. Home decor is a huge task but it can be broken into pieces to make the process function better. Focus on one room first, note down the things you want to decorate that room with and then move further. Going room by room is the key to the successful completion of the decoration of the whole house. If you are choosing a bedroom first, you can take two bedrooms together as bedrooms usually have the same essentials with different designs.

  1. Go for Basic Essentials first 

The basic essential of a room depends upon which room you want to decorate first. For example for the living room, a sofa is essential, its bed for the bedroom and dining table for the dining room. In buying basic essentials, quality plays the most important role as these things will be used the most in that space and will stay with you for a longer duration. So think wisely before investing in basic essentials. After Basic essentials, you can move forward to secondary items.   

  1. Secondary Items follow the basic essentials  

After the basic essentials, secondary items come into the picture. They are the second most important essentials to decorate the home which will complement your basic essentials. Items such as carpets, rugs, side tables, rocking chairs, lampshades, etc are perfect, to begin with. These items may not always demand a lot of investment like basic essentials. These things also do not demand immediate purchase. They can be bought slowly with time. But, they definitely need to match with the theme of basic essentials. Matching enhances the beauty of your home. Hence, shopping for these items requires more time and thought process when decorating home. You can check out some of these secondary items on Ellementry.

  1. Remaining Items, a cherry on the top

The cherry on the top: Vase, paintings, spoon stands, showpieces, scented candles 

We call these items cherry on the top. These items are to enhance the beauty of the house. They may not be of primary use but the beauty of your home decor depends upon these items a lot. These items include scented candles, photo frames, paintings, vases, lanterns, etc. Your home decor is incomplete without them. These are the decorative items and do not demand much time investment. These things may look very small but they act as fillers in your house especially when you have a spacious house. These things cannot be bought in a single day but you can collect as you go. Each space requires detailed research for such items. For example, if you start with the kitchen, there are plenty of things like spoons stand, wall art, wall hook, napkin holder, cake stand, etc. Ellementry can help you with a wide range of such products and can add a lot of cherries to your home decor. Our Jahroka Lantern is a perfect example of a beautiful and cost-effective item. 

So what are you thinking now? We made your home decor journey so easy. It’s very well said, “ well begun, half done”. And we have half done this for you. Now you can easily proceed ahead with the remaining half.  Have a happy home decor! 

Visit to buy perfect essentials to decorate your home from scratch. 

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