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Whenever we invite some guests to our house for lunch or dinner, we try to set up our table in such a way that they like it and get impressed. It is a very common phenomenon for every one of us. In such a case, table runners add extra sophistication to the arrangement. So for that, you have to choose your table runner designs very wisely in a way that they get you praise for your unique ideas.

Every year there are new designs and new materials available in the market. Let's see what kind of table runners will dominate the households in 2020. Before we begin, visit Ellementry for best table linens

  1. Lace material

Lace looks good in almost everything. And if it is the question of table runners then having a bit of lace around it will be cool. You can even choose a table runner with complete lace material.

  1. Black and White designs

Black and white designs always look cool. It gives a minimalistic and vintage look to the dining table and it will also be able to bring some nostalgia in you due to the retrospective design. In 2020, this design will be considered stylish and hip.

  1. Sparkling designs

In some parties and get-togethers, glittering or sparkling table runners are used to bring some life to the party. You can buy runners with sparkling design to make it look a bit quirky.

  1. Crocheted runners

Sometimes some handmade table runner designs look nice. Crocheted design is just like that. It is completely handmade in general and it will prove your aesthetic choices through the design.

  1. Linen material

Linen material is very easy to handle and also very easy to wash. So if you are a host of frequent parties then you can choose this type of material for your table runner design to make it easier for you to handle regularly.

  1. Burlap material

Burlap materials are inexpensive and simple looking in nature. That is why if you want some simple table runner at a reasonable price, then burlap material is the best choice for you.

  1. Paper styled runners

If you are a nerd from inside then you can also choose table runner designs with newspaper print on it. There is also an option to choose completely paper made table runners which are generally in use and throw format. You have to change them after one round of meals.

  1. Geometrically shaped runners

There are geometric shape runners available in the market. Different shapes are available in this category like triangle, circle or square. Sometimes abstract shapes are also available which look quite good on a dinner table.

  1. Floral designs

Floral designs are one of the most beautiful and conventional designs. There are so many types of floral designs available among which you can choose floral prints or sometimes the runner can be cut in floral shapes also.

  1. Snowflake designs

 Snowflake designs look cool because of their unique shapes. If you are planning a lunch or dinner in the wintertime like Christmas and New Year party then snowflake is good for table runner designs.

  1. Prints

Some types of boho prints in normal tie and dye prints are quite famous in terms of home decor products. You can also buy runners with that design. The boho prints look nice if you want to decorate your home in a bit quirky way.

  1. Polka Dots

Polka dots are really popular in the current fashion but you can also use it as your table runner designs. If you decorate your dining table with polka dot printed runners then it will look modern to your guests.

  1. Cartoon Prints

Whenever we decorate the room for children, we always try to think of some ways to use them. For that, you can choose cartoon printed table runner designs for kids to do get together. They will like it a lot and will enjoy their meal together. 

  1. Paper wheels

Paper wheels are really into fashion currently and handmade wheels are a very good option to decorate your dining table.

  1. Watercolour runners

Some runners are available in the market with watercolour print on it. Generally, these prints are abstract and it will look artistic to have those kinds of table runners at your home.

  1. Checks or stripes

Checks and stripes always look elegant in any kind of decorative item. So if you want to buy runners with the modern design then you can try out stripes or check availability in the market.

  1. Quotes on them

Some people like motivational quotes all around them and if you are one of them, you can surely choose table runner designs with motivational quotes written on them. And if you use them in your dining tables during breakfast time then there is a high chance that you will be motivated right at the time of breakfast when you start your day.

  1. Natural grass or moss

Some environment-friendly table runners are a very good idea. For that, you can choose natural moss or grass made table runners. You can decorate your dining hall in a unique way with these. It looks really elegant and eco-friendly. 

  1. Ribbons

If you are wondering what type of designs are good to choose for table runner designs then you can try out simple ribbon table runners. Ribbons will give your atmosphere a slight tinge of cuteness altogether.

  1. Bird Nests

Bird nests are a common type of table runner design in the case of Easter decoration. And if you want to decorate your home as per the theme of Easter then you should check out bird nest shaped table runners for sure.

  1. Garland of flowers

Some fluffy garland of flowers looks nice for a runner design. If you want to decorate the table for any event like a wedding, this type of design looks beautiful.

  1. Monochrome or solid colour

Monochromes or some sort of solid colour can be used for minimalistic table runner designs. If you want to buy runners which will apply to all types of events at your home then you can try out monochromatic patterns or solid colours.

  1. Wooden or Bamboo runners

Wooden or bamboo made runners are very common to decorate a dining hall. But you can try out different types of patterns and textures of wood if you want to experiment a bit.

  1. Photographs

If you want to buy runners or want to personalize them for your partner then you can use some photographs of your memory to print on it. So when you will decorate your table for your loved ones they will be surprised to see such types of table runners.

  1. Personalized monograms

Do you want to personalize your table runner designs? Then you can choose to make a logo or monogram of your own to stamp on it. People will be amused to see such an idea applied on your dining table.

  1. Jigsaw puzzles

You can buy runners with the whole set of Jigsaw puzzles. It will be good for your children's get together or even your uses. Also, you can play with different pieces when you have a lot of spare time.

  1. Multi-coloured designs

Multi-coloured designs are quite common for table runners. If you want some beautiful designs for that, you can check out the online shop of Ellementry and bye blue and multicolour table runner design which has a high rating by the buyers.

  1. LED Lights

If you want to decorate your dining hall in such a way that it will light up the mood at the time of the evening, then you can choose to buy runners in which LED lights are fitted in. It will serve the purpose nicely.

These are some of the runner ideas that will be trending in 2020. Visit Ellementry today to buy some of the best table runners and table linens for your house. 

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