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The Internet has changed how the world functions. The tradition, culture, food, lifestyle that were once stacked up in the closet has found its breakthrough, a way to flow and blend across geographical boundaries. It has seen a new world and is in a phase of exploring various avenues. People are experimenting with multiple cuisines; while keeping their culture intact.


With the Internet, paving the way for new pastures, social media has opened up many horizons. The chief ingredient of life is food. What you eat, taste and relish have a lot to do with the way you live life. Most important is from where it comes and how it is cooked. It is also equally necessary for you to showcase your food and who else than Ellementry to help you do that.



Talking to food isn’t easy!


With multiple social media platforms floating over the place, food photography has taken a new perspective. Everything has been taken care of during food display, from the choice of dishes, amount of food colour combination, presentation, and design.



What is there in covering food?


Covering food should not be a big deal! Or Should it? You could be right in a way. Good taste and hygienic food is a combination; people want to have. A healthy meal brings out the fit you. Cloches are used to cover food and often a bell-shaped dome hence the word. The word has its roots from the French dictionary; which means bell. Yes! You heard it right.


The food covered at a buffet or a bell-shaped glass covering sweets at your favourite sweet-vendor or a restaurant is all a part of the French cloche. How fancy it sounds, isn’t it? It comes in aluminium, copper, glass, granite, silver material and Ellementry offers you cloches made with a combination of glass and wood or glass and marble.

Covering Food in Glass Cloche


Protection saga


Protecting food in the right manner has never been easy. Either you do not find the right fit or at times the match is not correct. The food industry confines itself to aluminium or steel cloches to make things look right. The usual mundane way of covering food often makes one guess what might be beneath the cover? The metal cloches come with their weight leaving the gourmets to go through the pain of lifting heavy metal.


What was thought as a simple cover to protect food and preserve its taste and quality has come a long way. Unlike other areas, it has torn itself from the boredom and emerged as a niche and designed itself to fit the use, shape, and style. It has made its mark in the food industry and adds its charm to food photography.



Social media food photography


The glass cloches are the in thing and giving you the perfect décor to the dining experience. Cloches have added a glimpse of glitter to food photography. Just as a Chef designs the delicacy, and dresses it, the right cloche dresses up the dishware. Presenting food has never been easy. To represent and bring things to life is an artwork and a challenge in itself.


People are turning back to using earthen pots and kitchenware and adopting healthy cooking techniques. These techniques have been prevailing from medieval age and have found its roots back in the household kitchens. Elementary has been following these techniques by using organic materials to make hand made cloches. The ceramic-glass and the wood-glass combination cloches offered by Ellementry add class to your Instagram pictures.

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Improvisation is the most sought after in the creative field. Have you seen those Instagram food photography pictures? Scroll through them, and every picture is unique. The imaginative mind runs wild to present the simplest food, such as a mere daal-chawal uniquely. Tips such as shooting in natural light, covering the entire frame, composing the required shot, trying a different angle will not only get you the desired picture but will make the food on the plate fetch.

Glass Cloche for food covering and decoration


The style and hygiene factor


Arranging a meal and serving guests with style has been an enduring task for a host. Keeping the food warm and fresh is another step. A blend of tradition and style adds the WOW factor to the dining experience. Connecting to one’s roots and amalgamating with mother earth is like giving back what is used for ages. Cloches made of glass are natural and easy to handle. It adds elegance and class to the dining experience. Cloches with ceramic and wood bases are the most organic form of containing and preserving food. Savouring delights stored in such cloches is natural and chemical-free, having no fear of uncertain side effects or reactions. The bell-shaped, dome-shaped or a designer one leaves the viewer awestruck.


It looks like Instagram and social media food photography has found a new ingredient for their food photography styles. By giving the Instagramers an experience for their eyes and payback for the food lovers and constant stalkers for food designs and arrangements, the lens catchers are using cloches to enhance their food photography experience.



The platter companion


Cloches used to cover low lying plants from cold have moved from the gardening area into the households and commercial kitchen and serving realm. The traditional glass dome-shaped cloche used to protect plants from cold has gone through various shapes, designs, and forms serving multiple uses. The glass used to keep the plants warm and safe, allowing the required sunlight has moved on to protect the fruits and ingredients of those very plants.


Cloches of various sizes and shapes are used to create a unique effect on the photography experience. The cloches have added extra colour, look, and elegance to the photograph while not deviating from its core function-protecting the tantalizing item placed in it. The object placed in it seems not only classy but graces the dining space with its presence.


Cloches are changing the way in its uses and looks. Adding many users and applications to its credit and adding a twinkle on its journey giving room for more innovative designs and texture combinations. Next time you scroll through one of those food pictures and see a cloche, you might want to add one of them to your everyday dining routine; embracing it in your life. Maybe you would like to add one of your food-lover on social media and give it a cloche companion to cover and protect rather than leave it all by itself.


Ellementry offers you various types of elegant cloches to help make a beautiful presentation of your food. Large cloches are used for parties, whereas small ones can be used daily at home.

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