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The tradition of housewarming parties dates back decades. In a traditional housewarming party, friends and family gather to welcome you into your new house. The tradition is simple and fills up the home with warmth. It is also a great way to introduce yourself to your new neighbours.

Moving into a new home is hectic and you may not even be up to arrange for a party because you are too tired. That is quite usual and you are neither expected to have everything unpacked or decorated, especially if you are throwing the party immediately after you move.

This is why many people choose to wait until they have properly unpacked and relaxed to throw the party. A housewarming party is often thrown by the host to share their happiness with their loved ones. A housewarming is not just thrown for your new home, but also a newlywed home, after a long-distance move, or the first new house purchase.

The first step to a memorable party is to plan the details well in advance. Whether it will be a day time event or a formal dinner? Would you like to opt for a theme-based housewarming party? You can even search the internet for ideas for a housewarming party and get yourself acquainted. Once you have figured out these details, you can start planning the party.

If you are unsure of gift ideas for housewarming parties, a theme-based housewarming party is the best solution. Here are some themes you can consider for your housewarming! 

  1.   Help us out themes

Who says your guests cannot help you out? Especially if they are close family and friends. Well, the first rule to a housewarming party is that there are no rules. You can opt for this theme idea for a housewarming party if you are planning the party immediately after you move. The guests will not expect the house to be fully unpacked or decorated and they can come well prepared.

  1.   Paint a room theme

This one is quite an extension of the previous theme but needs a little more flexibility and creativity. Most new homes need a fresh coat of paint. You can get the job done with some extra hands and make it more fun and memorable. However, be prepared to let the guests explore their creative streak and don’t forget to inform the guests well in advance so they come prepared. On the other hand, if this seems like too much for you, you can set aside one corner or a wall for the guests to paint or leave their handprints on. This will work as a memory for years to come.

  1.   Stock the bar theme

If you are looking for a creative and fun theme-based housewarming party, consider asking your guests to help you turn your house into a home. This not only helps you stock your bar with various choices of alcohol, but it also helps the guests by saving them the hassle of deciding what gift to buy. Each guest can simply bring their favourite liquor, cocktail recipes and bar essentials. This one is a totally win-win idea for a housewarming party as you get to enjoy some great drinks with your friends.

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  1.   Potluck

If you are out of ideas for a housewarming theme party, it is suggested that you stick to traditional themes like a potluck. After all, what says welcome home like a neighbourhood potluck party. Your guests can bring their favourite dishes and it is one thing less to worry about after a tiring move. It also gives the guests an opportunity to mingle up, especially with new neighbours.

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  1.   A garden theme party

If you are moving sometime around spring and have a garden to flaunt, there is nothing better than a bright garden theme party for your guests. You can use fresh flowers to decorate and a choice of bright brunch buffet will make the party fun, laid back, and memorable.

  1.   An open house theme party

When talking about a theme-based housewarming party, an open house party is a simple and traditional idea that never fails. In an open house party, the host, that is you, decides a time slot to keep your house open. The guests can come and go as per their choice and convenience. This also lets you dedicate more time with each guest showing around the house and interacting.

  1.   The tropical theme for a housewarming

This is one theme that is naturally inclined to ideas for housewarming parties. This one is fairly easy to plan, you can bring colourful decorations, flowers and seashells. Some margaritas and pineapples on the table will complete the look. Not to mention, pineapple is also a symbol of hospitality. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

  1.   Succulent planting housewarming theme party

This one is simple and very practical. Nothing says “welcome home” like some fresh plants in the house. Gather your guests to plant some succulents in your garden together if you have a knack for plants. You can even give them the plants they made as a return favor. If you are not much of a gardener, you can simply ask your guests to bring in some fresh succulents as gifts!

  1.   Simple spread theme

If you are too tired with painting walls and unboxing the boxes, stick to a theme-based housewarming party that’s simple to manage. A simple spread theme is classic and stylish at the same time. Some potted plants, beautiful candles and delicious yet simple food spread will make your party memorable and comfortable.

  1. The seasonal housewarming party theme

You can always mix your housewarming party with the current season for a quick and easy uncomplicated theme-based housewarming party. For instance, for fall, you can have some orange fruits and fresh guards as a décor. You can also opt for festive themes like Halloween or Christmas!

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