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Tableware, in general, is much more than just serving bowls and plates. The different components of tableware, such as dinnerware, cutlery, drinkware, serveware, and linen, are crafted to embrace the privilege of good food. They are designed to complement and set the tone for an ultimate dining experience while expressing a unique style of the individuals. 

When planning to host dinner parties for friends and family, the thought of suitable tableware products would automatically come into your mind. Choosing the right products is important to set the right tone and mood for your party. We at Ellementry provides a multitude of options from a cutlery set to chapati box, condiment set, napkin holder, and bowl there are endless products important for sit-down/formal dinners. 

For your ease, we have come up with the top tableware products that are a must for a beautiful and lasting experience. Here you go - 

  1.     Bowl and Platter

Tasty food and excellent service are two essential elements of a dinner party. The way you present food to your guests showcases your personal preference and style. It is therefore important to choose the right set of tableware products so that food can be served in the best possible way. Use high-quality serving bowls and platters (from the serveware category) according to the theme.  

Beautiful wooden and ceramic are becoming highly popular among individuals. Plates and bowls crafted with these materials give a heavenly look to the preparations. The kind of tableware used for dinner parties says a lot about the person’s choices and personality. The stylish and unique designs from Ellementry can fit any dining theme. These gorgeous collections are ideal for a flawless presentation of food. 

How Ellementry wood or ceramic serve ware is different?

Hand-crafted using eco-friendly materials 

The saying ‘first impression is the last impression’ is applicable for dinner parties as well. Ellementry offers a great collection of bowls, platters, chapati box, and trays. They are highly standardised in terms of both visual and health aspects. Their products are sturdy and have an aesthetic appeal. Be it for sit-down dinners or formal dinners, the company’s products are crafted for people who aim for perfection when it comes to hosting dinners. 

The serveware variety has balanced colours 

You can easily impress and win the affection of your diners on choosing the right set of plates and platters for food presentation. Unlike the plastic-made serve ware, there is no risk of hitting a rough note on using the aqua, red, and brown-hued serve ware offered by Ellementry. Their products are neither too simple nor too colourful, making them ideal for a rich dining experience.

Vast selection of products 

Needless to mention, the functional purposes of different serve ware products differ from each other. Ellementry’s wide range of products features an innovative design so that buyers can easily find tableware products according to their requirements without compromising the visual aesthetics. All their products are super in terms of both fashion and function. 

  1.     Cutlery, Serving, and Salad set 

The tableware products falling under the ‘Cutlery’ category include salad spoons, knives, serving sets, salad sets, and cutlery sets. They come in different shapes, sizes, and prices. The ones crafted out of teak wood, Sheesham wood, metal, and stainless steel are the safest bet as they are durable as well as elegant.

What makes Ellementry's Cutlery unique? 

Durable products made with the finest materials 

If you are looking for something gorgeous and perfect, then Ellementry has got you covered.  Their unique collection of products include high-quality finish silver stainless steel cutlery set, mango salad spoon, rich gold metal knives, blue metal serving set and more. All their products are crafted carefully for a perfect dining experience.

Uniquely designs with a perfect finish

The stylish and elegant Ellementry Tableware products enhance the beauty of the dining tables. Their flawless, high-class finish makes them an ideal buy for the picture-perfect presentation of food. Each product is crafted with care, keeping in mind the specific function of each of them. 

Ideal for rich and classy food presentation 

Featuring rich hues like gold and silver, the brand has everything needed to enhance the overall look of your dining table. Ellementry delivers classy and beautifully designed products ideal for pleasing your guests with a fine dining experience. Keep in mind, and good table presentation results in positive perception of preparations. 

  1.     Jug and Tumbler 

Tableware products like carafe, jug, tumbler, bottle, water dispenser form the Drinkware category. These products are crafted using different materials like plastic and glass. If you need something timeless and elegant, go for the ones made of glass as they bring out the natural colours of fruits and vegetables. 

Glass dinnerware is more aesthetically pleasing comparatively.  You may enhance the overall appeal of your dining table by co-coordinating the shapes, patterns, colours, and sizes of drinkware. Mix and match them to create a perfect fit for your taste. 

Why choose from Ellementry’s Drinkware collection?

Their products meet the quality standards 

Jug, tumblr and other drinkware products offered by Ellementry are crafted as per the industry standards. Good tableware brands are aware of usage and average durability of the drinkware line. Hence, they make sure that the product quality is up to standard and can last for long. If you want to invest in high-quality, unique tableware products, then place your bet on this brand. 

Easy to handle 

Most of the pieces included in Ellementry's drinkware collection are dishwasher-safe. The brand also takes note of the user’s safety during the designing and manufacturing process of the products. The best part is that you can easily order replacement pieces through their website without any hassle. 

Ideal for daily use

This brand is known for offering the best quality products at affordable rates. You can enjoy the perfect dining experience with your family at home daily. Whether it’s your fiance's birthday or you are planning for a surprise dinner at home with your partner get a mix-match combination of tableware from Ellementry at a pocket-friendly price.


Top points to consider when looking for tableware

  • Usage 

Define the quantity of cutlery, dinner plates, soup bowls, serving bowls, linens, dessert bowls, tumblers and other items you need. There is no point in spending money on the products that won’t be used. 

  • Shape

Right mix and match of different dining table elements always lift the mood of individuals. The shape of a katori, serving bowl or plate affects the overall appeal of the dining table. Consider the utility when deciding on the shape. Geometric ceramic side plates and linear ceramic side plates are best for formal dinners, while simple ceramic polka dots plate is an ideal choice for daily use.

  • Size

The right size of bowls and plates are important for an eye-catching presentation of food. Don’t buy mono-sized serving bowls or plates. Ideally, you should buy two different sizes of the same bowl/plate. Aim at creating perfect tableware set with the available options. 

  • Durability

It’s always wise to research about tableware products before buying. This will give you a piece of better knowledge and information about the product durability and quality. Resultantly, you can buy the right set of items.

  • Colour

An eye-catching ambience can be created by placing some eye-catching serveware, dinnerware, cutlery, and other tableware on the table. Products with lively hues like aqua blue or emerald are the best bet for summers, whereas items with amber glass make an ideal buy for winters.

 Setting up a perfect dining experience can be quite a task for you, but it becomes easier when dealt with by Ellementry. Visit to bring down your stress levels and still get a set of attractive tableware products that leaves everyone jealous and mesmerised.

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