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You must have seen chefs serve a cheese board to guests at a restaurant? How colourful and gorgeous do you think this look! With the eye-catching aesthetics and vibrate flavouring, these cheese boards are ideal for any kind of family gatherings. 

But, do you think using a cheeseboard is tough and hard? Well, not really! It is very easy to decorate a cheese board and maintain it. Rather, you only need to follow a few simple steps to use a cheeseboard to perfection. 

This is why today’s blog will discuss tips to use a cheeseboard and state some suggestions for cheeseboards too! 

Let’s Begin: 

Cheeseboard: Tips to Use and Maintain 

Food Presentation 

  • Buying the Board 

If you love cooking and have recently invested in gorgeous kitchen countertops, it is advised that you immediately buy a cheeseboard. This cheeseboard can act as a protective barrier and prevent your beautiful kitchen countertop from getting scratched. 

Additionally, you can use a wide assortment of knives on your cheeseboard without the worry of damage.  

Now, when it comes to buying this cheese board, you can buy anything you like! These are available in various shapes and sizes and depending on your purpose and choice, you can buy the one that is most suitable. For the best buying options, pick a shop that is closer to your locality. For online store options, you can check out several kitchenware websites to buy your cheese board. For instance, Ellementry! 

  • Gathering Necessary Ingredients 

The second most important thing is gathering the ingredients for your cheeseboard. Now, in general, people opt for making a sweet and savoury platter. For this it is best you start with the classic platter of sweet and savoury. 

This one includes an assortment of fruits, meat, cheese and nuts. To make this, gather some seasonal fruits. But, for platters, it is best that you use fruits like strawberry, litchis, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries, oranges and pineapple.  

Now, for the meat, you can pick an assortment of items like salami, Prosciutto, mortadella, soppressata. Etc. For the savoury additions, you can add some pine nuts, cashews, raisins, groundnuts, or almonds. 

You can also add some other sweet items like chocolate hummus, dark chocolate and brownies etc. 

  • Organizing the Cheese Board  

The next most important thing for you to do is organizing the cheeseboard. You can decorate the platter by adding sweet dishes on the side and savoury on the other. In the centre of the board keep a little bowl filled with cheese and dips. You can use hummus, cheese dips, chocolate dips or others. 

On the sweet side, mix some freshly cut fruits and arrange them in a defined pattern. On the savoury side, keep a section aside and add some of the cured meats. On the rearming space, add the nuts along with the rest of the savoury items to finish the platter. 

  • Serving the Cheese Board 

Once the savoury and sweet dishes are artfully mixed, you can move to the next step that is serving. Carefully, arrange the sequence mentioned above in your cheeseboard and serve it to your guests during the party. This cheeseboard platter is ideal for complimenting an open bar and an appetizer for a grand luncheon. 

Maintaining the Cheese Board 

  • Cleaning It 

Cleaning the cheeseboard is not much of a big deal. You can easily clean the cheeseboard if you use mild detergent and water. Also, avoid using detergents and wiping products that have strong abrasive chemicals in them. 

Most authentic cheese boards are made of wood. Hence, when you are using heavy-duty chemicals for cleaning, these can erode the texture of the cheeseboard.  

Therefore, always opt for using plain water, and soap for cleaning your wooden cheese boards. 

Multipurpose Use 

  • Safety 

The cheeseboard you are buying undoubtedly has multipurpose use. If you chose an authentic cheeseboard, you can use it for the purpose of kneading dough for cakes and bread. Both cake and bread include using flour and other ingredients that requires enough kneading.  

Now, kneading on the kitchen countertop will make it unclean. So, naturally, using a cheeseboard for kneading is much recommended. This stops the countertop from smelling or staining.  

Similarly, if you are cutting or chopping vegetable and fruits, you can use your cheese board for giving support on the kitchen countertop. This will prevent any form of strain or damage to your countertop 

Moving on, now that we have successfully jotted down the points to use and care for a cheese board, let us discuss a few types! 

  1. Mango Leaf All-Natural Cheese Board  

If you are looking for a minimalistic option for cheeseboards, we suggest you pick the mango leaf, natural cheese board. This one is darker in shade and flaunts intriguing wood texture with a minimalistic design. What's more? It is also easily washable! 

Ideal for the modern mama’s and chefs, you can easily use this item for chopping veggies as well as serving your guests some delectable platter meals. Additionally, you can buy this cheese board in the market for around Rs 800.  

  • Teak Wooden Cheeseboard (Oval) 

A good looking yet budget-friendly cheese board you can buy for your kitchen is the teak wooden cheese board. Made from all-natural wood and extremely stylish, this one flaunts excellent durability that is ideal for kneading and chopping. 

What's more? This one features an oval-shaped design, which is beautiful and very appealing. Therefore, if you are using this platter for serving your platter dishes or cheese board, it will undoubtedly look very appealing too! 

  • Butcher Board  

If you are someone that likes preparing steaks, and meat dishes, chances are you have to use sharp knives to cut the meat. Now, for this purpose, it is best that you invest in the butcher board. This one features a multi-layered wooden block of the board that is very appealing and strong. 

You can use this butcher board for a long period of time, and it is very easy to clean too! 

  • Mango wood Cheese Board 

If you want a cost-effective cheese board made of natural wood and sturdy, you can go for the mango wood cheese board. This one features lighter colour and wooden texture and looks vehemently appealing. 

This one is also lightweight and easier to clean. You can cut an assortment of veggies, fruits and lightweight meat on this cheeseboard. To buy this choice of a cheeseboard, you can check out various online stores. Some of the best ones sell products under Rs 1500, for example, Ellementry! 

Well, now that you are aware of the different kinds of cheeseboards along with the using tips, find yourself a good website to buy these from! Simply read credentials and pick a website, which has good testimonials.

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