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Gone are those days when we were the guests with chips in parties. A whole new trend has emerged in recent times. This is where Chip and dip bowls come into the picture that is found to be the best party wears to impress your guests by serving some delightful snacks along with their favourite dips. Choose stunning collections from Ecllementry store that add so much class and cheer to the party. An interesting feature of these bowls is the two openings in it one for the chips and another for the dips.

You can buy the chip and dip bowls made of different materials at our store based on your liking that can make great snickers. Below listed are different types of bowls that are available at our online store to gratify your guests.


  • Urban Snackers Chip and Dip Hammered Dip Bowl

This stylish chip and dip bowl brought to you by urban snackers holds a great scope in fulfilling your party needs. Perfect for occasions like a family get-together that comes with an added benefit of the stainless-steel surface that maintains the taste and quality of foods. These are durable and hand-crafted with so much love to bring back the old culture to life at your parties. Brighten your celebration with wonderful creations from our store.


  • Teak Wooden Chip-n- Dip Bowl

Made from teak wood, this chip and dip platter adds so much royalty to your cocktail parties by adding a new life to the table of the guests. Serve some chips along with a dip of your choice to provide a perfect evening snack for the guests at parties.

Purely hand-curated and food-safe, you can rely on the quality of this bowl if you are planning to buy it.


  • Carbon Ceramic Chip-n-Dip Bowl

Choose this carbon made bowl from our online store with artistic images are a wonderful choice to add to party tables mainly for the elegance. Serve sauces, nachos, and few other snacking munches as the party goes on. The set comes with a small centre bowl that makes it the best match for chips, fruits, dry fruits, and many other delights.

This product is dishwasher safe and, you need not be worried about washing it as it becomes hassle-free


  • Flore Ceramic Dip-n-chip Bowl

Buy this amazing chip n dip bowl from ellementry website to grace your occasions be it a party night or just another freak out party with friends. Due to its sleek and sensitive design, this bowl demands to be handled with deep care. The sky-blue flower design on the platter adds so much class to the piece making it a style statement at your parties.


  • Classic Touch Décor Stainless Steel Chip n Dip Bowl

This simple yet stylish décor is a wondrous gesture to treat your guests. Round with a stainless-steel bowl, it is completely food safe to recommend for anyone. The décor complements well for chips and veggies that are served with some dip or sauce.


  • Urban Chip and Dip Bowl Tray Serving Set

Urban chef presents this Italian made chip and dips bowl with a stainless-steel tray that is eco-friendly and food safe. This is a splendid choice for your parties to treat your guests by making them feel at ease. The bowls are compact and look catchy which makes it a great décor piece to be added on to your party table.

There are so many chips and dip bowls that can be chosen for your party to add more life to the event. Some of the few other thoughtful combos are as follows.


  • Homesake Wood Chip n Dip Serving Tray with Dip Bowl

Let this rustic handcrafted and mango wood-based tray intensify the look of your dining table as an incredible décor piece. Serve it with nachos, chips, cutlets, and delicacies to your guests so that they can experience the finesse taste of the snacks. The dip bowl is a great combo to match the snacks that make the evening worth it for the guests. The deep bowl offers enough serving for pouring the sauce that lasts longer for the guests so that they can keep munching the snacks dipping with a sauce throughout the party.


  • Homesake Wooden Chip n Dip Walnut Finish Platter

Simple in look, this chip n dip is a sure charmer with its charismatic look that comes from the mango teak wood finish. Serve chips, nachos and anything crunchy in this platter to make the servings more delectable. The walnut finish is the highlight of this platter that makes it unique from other platters. 


  • Taru Wooden Chip n Dip Serving Platter

Beautify your table with this artistically designed wooden platter made from high-quality acacia wood. The beauty of the platter lies in the small integrated bowl to serve dips and sauces. The platter is big enough to serve nachos, chips, and pakoras. There is also an additional provision to serve chips and dips separately in two different openings to avoid mixing them for the guests.

Some added benefits of choosing this platter include light-weighted, long-lasting, food-safe, and dish wash safe.

This is one of the unique platters with a modest design that makes it the best décor choice to send as gifts for birthdays, housewarming events. It looks striking as a centrepiece on the table and, best suited to grace occasions like cocktail parties being the best barware.


  • Smart serve Sphere Chip n Dip Serving Tray

Made from stainless steel and food-safe this is an innovative tray to serve the quests in an attractive form. The sphere-shaped dip adds so much class to this platter. The tray is big enough to hold enough servings of a variety of snacks to make it look yummy and full.


At Ellementry, we believe in achieving excellence with our wide collection of stunning chip and dip platters and bowls that are hand-curated yet simple in design. We bring the beauty of nature with some amazing snacks that offer an appetizing feast to the guests. Enjoy the authentic taste of snacks in these crafted bowls. We focus on delivering the best bar accessories for you that makes you relish the dishes as guests of the party.

Our chip n dip platters and bowls create moments of joy by magnifying your party and take it to a new level. Create memories for life for your guests by treating them right with a unique collection of decors and barware at any online store.

For more information visit our website and check out the amazing collection of chip and dip bowls with other dinner set combos to experience a delightful dinner party. Make an order online and, get them delivered free of cost to your place making you hassle-free. Our delivery is timely, and we do it at your doorstep free of cost.

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