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Accessorising the house is like giving it a new life. The act of decoration comes from within. It is like personifying what you have in mind and imagination. It is a creation of the mind according to one’s likes, dislikes and style. 

Just like you, your home also wants to look good. And, when you and home both look good, everything feels good. Life feels light, easy and with no stress and tension. With Ellementry, make your heavenly abode appear majestic and elegant using handcrafted and eco-friendly accessories with minimum fuss and efforts. 

Decorating interiors is like giving a new character to the place and new life to the house. The organised and well-kept spaces always give positive and happy vibes. It eventually helps the residents to lead a healthy and full of zeal life. 

Versatile accessories for elegant home

Color the walls, get new furniture, throw in some pillows, vibrant coloured cushions, antique lighting, and your place will lit up with sophistication and elegance. If you don’t want to go through all the trouble, you can also hire an interior designer. 

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Here are some tips for the makeover of the house

The living room is the most used area of the house. It is the area where the whole family gathers for study, entertainment, socialising, and play. The decor of living must be both functional and aesthetic. 

Choose a focal point. Decide where you want to create conversation areas. Your furniture and the colour of the walls must be complementary. Choose the lights that illuminate every corner. Keep it subtle. 

The bedroom is closest to our heart. It is where a person lets his guards down and find peace after a chaotic day. While giving it a makeover, think about what you want to feel when you enter your zone? 

Bedroom table with shoe rack

Is it peace or power-boosting energy? Keep it simple and calm if you wish to feel relaxed, and keep it vibrant and full of colours if you want to make it look lively all the time. 

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The ladies in the house spend most of their time in the kitchen. Remodelling it might be a great way to surprise them and appreciate them for all that they do. Make use of drawers, shelves, cabinets to keep it maintained and systematic. Showcase fancy kitchenware items and other decorating pieces to make it look inviting. 

Here are some accessories that you might like to bring home for redecorating purposes. 

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Blue wood knob- round (set of 2)

Knobs might be tiny in size but plays an active role in making and breaking a look. These blue wood knobs are perfect for those who take their storage aesthetics seriously. 

They will fit perfectly well on any door, drawer, cabinet, or cupboard. They are as handy as they are appealing. You can even use them in your kitchen. The colour will go with all kinds of decor theme. 

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Dove teak wood accent (small)

If you are going with the minimalist theme, this piece of wooden art will help you maintain that effortlessly. Place it anywhere, and the place will receive many compliments from the visitors. It will upscale the overall character of your interiors. 

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Akoda grey ecomix cutlery stand

Sometimes less is more. This cutlery stand demonstrates this phrase well. Place it on your dining table or kitchen’s countertop. That would be all. Its sole presence would be enough for the makeover. It is made from the ecomix technique, which is making something from glue, flour, and newspaper. 

Jharoka lantern

Corners do not come under ignorant spaces anymore. On the contrary, people nowadays make it look more pleasing than ever. These jharokha lanterns are designed using the ecomix technique is ideal for this purpose. Hang it on your balcony or in your room. The light will sparkle from its capturing pattern. 

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