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Vintage way of drinking tea is not a new concept as the word vintage explains it all. But ‘High tea’ is definitely a buzz word these days which not only promotes vintage ways of drinking tea but also has given a newness to our frequent and regular affair of tea parties. Who thought that stylish milk and sugar pots, a number of snack bites, tea themes, beautiful crockery, and an endless variety of teas will lead to a makeover of tea parties to high teas?

The History 

High tea is a popular activity all over the world. It is a part of celebrating special occasions like birthdays, baby showers, and also, in vogue for corporate meetings. It has a history. It’s creation as an afternoon tea or high tea is credited to Anna Marie Russell, Duchess of Bedford, in the 1840s. During those days, people used to have their dinners at 8 pm. This used to create a large gap between lunch and dinner. The duchess complained of ‘sinking feeling’ around 4 pm and as a result, she began eating a small meal along with tea. Slowly, she also started inviting her friends for tea and snacks. This is how it turned into a social activity that was observed by the upper classes. 

What All You Can Expect?

The Vintage ways of drinking tea soon became a common norm. It consists of small sandwiches with luxury ingredients, scones with jam and cream, and cakes and pastries. What makes this way of drinking tea perfect is the vintage tea set which has all the essentials of serving tea including milk and sugar pots. Well, if you are too moved by the idea of vintage ways of drinking tea, do not worry! We can help you buy the essentials of a tea set. Check out our Masai brass milk and sugar pot set gold. You must have heard that oil is gold but here gold is vintage and this is the perfect product to buy when it comes to vintage ways of drinking tea. 

You can lend a royal backdrop to your high tea. Your milk and sugar will have a glossy gold dwelling with this Masai pot. It is very easy to maintain too. As it is made up of brass, it likes to get cleaned with warm water, mild soap, and a soft sponge. It can be dried easily too with a cloth or paper towel. But it is not dishwasher friendly. 

Why Vintage Ways of Drinking Tea?

Vintage is in vogue these days. Needless to say that it looks classy and royal. Gone are those days when restaurants used to serve ready tea in a cup and saucer. Nowadays, we have restaurants and cafes that have the sole purpose of making your tea experience better. They serve only snacks that go well with tea along with all kinds of tea including camomile, green tea, chocolate tea, lemon tea, ginger tea, Chinese tea, and Indian tea. This business is not just about serving tea but also about how to serve tea in a vintage way. Whole tea sets including kettle, milk and sugar pots along with matching cups and saucer are used. Tea etiquettes are kept in mind while serving tea. Each ingredient is served separately as every guest has its own demands. Some cannot imagine their tea without sugar and some can't drink tea with sugar. Each one has its own philosophy. Hence, tea etiquettes demand milk and sugar be served separately in milk and sugar pots.  

Create the experience of Vintage ways of drinking tea at your home

Whether there is a party at your home or you want to experience the vintage ways of drinking tea yourself, you can create this experience at your home. The experience will be more comfortable and pocket friendly. Yes, believe me, or not but you can bring this experience home that fancy restaurants are offering. Get a beautiful tea set, vintage style. You can check out our Ellementry website for teacups, milk and sugar pots, and other products that can help you set up your tea party such as table cloth, table mats, etc. 

There are various ways to do so and we will help you by explaining one of them. Choose the menu for your tea snacks such as cupcakes, sandwiches, Indian vegetable fritters, sweets, cookies, etc. Remember, presentation is everything! So choose a beautiful server for every dish. You can check these serving trays on our Ellementry website. We can have an elegant cake stand, cake server  stands for sandwiches, bowls, etc. While choosing the products keep in mind the vintage look. Go for brass material products or you can also try a wide range of ceramic products if you like. Match the colors of each server with the tea sets. Choose a combination of a dark and light color to brighten up your table. You can also go for themes like flower theme. Lay a beautiful table cover that will not only protect your table but also add some charm to your table. Then make your tea in teapot only just like the vintage way demands. Serve it with milk and sugar pots as tea etiquettes demand. Try this out at your next tea party and wow your guests. 

We are always there to help you with a wide range of our royal products! Do reach out to our Ellementry website to make your tea experience better. Afterall tea is not something which we taste with our tongue but which we experience with our eyes and nose too. Tea lovers will surely agree with us. We hope you will enjoy the vintage ways of drinking tea. Have a happy tea party! 

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