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Measuring everything while cooking is the key to preparing any delicious dish. You must have spotted the professional chefs adding a pinch of some ingredients and others' dash without using any measuring cups. No matter how smooth it looks, we shouldn't follow it until we attain perfection. Moreover, there is no harm in focusing more on accuracy to ensure that our efforts do not fail. Hence without much ado, let us introduce you to the world of measuring cups for your next culinary masterpiece.

Types of measuring cups:

Here are the measuring cups which you will find quite useful in your kitchen-

  1. Cups for dry ingredients:

We generally use dry ingredients while baking that includes flour and sugar. The cups meant for this are available in 1/4, 1/3. 1/2 and 1 cup measurements. Besides the cups, measuring spoons are also used for this.

While using the measuring cups, you need to scoop the ingredients such that the cup is filled until an overflowing state is attained. Then take a knife and scrape the amount off its rim, which is excess, to get the perfect amount of the ingredient.

  • Cups for the wet ingredients:

The wet ingredients generally used for cooking include oil, water or wine. These are available in 1, 2, 4 cups measurement or more. Keep the liquid measuring cup on a level surface to make sure that you accurately read the liquid amount.

Importance of measuring while baking:

Investing in a proper measuring cup is exceptionally essential if you are more into baking. Sometimes you may risk skipping the use of measuring cups while preparing any dish, but this can't be risked while baking any item. Any discrepancy in measuring the ingredients for baking can drastically affect the dish's texture, flavour, and taste.

The essence of the materials of measuring cups:

When you think of investing in some good measuring cups, opt for those made of sustainable material such as stainless steel that is safe for food and all kinds of ingredients that can be used in it. Ellementry store has all varieties of measuring cups that one must-have in the kitchen. You can buy a set of 4 cups which are of small(50 ml), medium(75 ml), large(125 ml) and extra-large size(230 ml) size. These are made of stainless steel, which lasts long even after regular use. It is a good practice to wash them after using them.

Factors to consider while choosing measuring cups:

Certain features need to be kept in mind while purchasing a measuring cup. Though you can do individual research in this, here is a comprehensive list of factors that you will find quite useful:

  1. Stackability:

    Your measuring cups should be stackable to save space when you have a smaller kitchen. A good set of measuring cups will definitely have this feature.

  2. Versatile:

    While purchasing the measuring cups, opt for the set with various sizes available so that it will be your best one-time investment. At a later point of time, you will not require to get another set with other measuring specifications missing in your kitchen.

  3. Material:

    If we look at the measuring cups available at Ellementry, they are made up of extremely durable stainless steel. This is perfect for dry ingredients. You may feel that the glass would be better for the wet ingredients, but it is fragile. So steel would be the best option to choose from.

  4. Accurate measurements:

    This is the reason why we are opting for measuring cups, and Ellementry measuring cups are highly accurate in measuring the volume of the ingredients so that you can rely on them.

  5. Food safe:

    The material with which the measuring cups have been made should be food safe. There are such products that are made from plastics, but these have a negative impact on health. So always opt for a brand that considers this point of view while manufacturing the products.

  6. Uniqueness and beauty:

    When a brand focuses on reviving the culture by manufacturing products that appear elegant, you should definitely purchase them as these will be unique additions to your existing culinary.

Your culinary companions need a dash of a statement, too, and there are various options available from an aesthetic aspect. If you are looking for a brand that focuses on reviving the culture by manufacturing products that appear elegant, you should definitely check out measuring cup stock at Ellementry.

Why choose Ellementry for purchasing measuring cups or other kitchen tools?

Ellementry is a renowned brand that has promising products that can be used in your home as well as the kitchen. The products available in its store are good looking and effectively meet the purpose for which they are made. You can find a unique form of fusion and function in their products, which are not made by machines but by artists. It adheres to the culture and intends to revive it through the reimagination of previous traditions.

The products of Ellementry can add a special heartwarming nudge to the food that is being offered to the guests or the family members because it has a rudimentary culture that enables us to enjoy the simplest things in life. Mentioned further are a few more measures that make the brand stand out from others.

Handmade products:

There are very rare brands in which artisans mould the materials to the products instead of machines. Ellementry is one such brand that doesn't focus on machine-made perfection but adores the imperfection of products made with hands by craftsmen.

Products that are made keeping environmental safety:

Always choose such products which are made without harming mother nature. Ellementry products are one of the best examples. You must know that a good looking product can also be sustainable. All you need to do is, look out for the processes, designs, and ideas used there to ensure complete love for the environment so that it is not harmed in any way. A person's single-action towards opting for such products can have a significant impact on protecting the environment.

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Reliability of the brand:

Ellementry has products made of terracotta, wood, cast iron, glass, and copper. When you use the culinary made of the food-safe, organic terracotta, free from lead, you can become a lovely co-host as the dishes will have a delicious taste owing to the unique touch of clay. It reminds us of the olden days when the material had a place in the everyday lives in some form or other as it maintains the alkaline balance in the body. When we lookout for a change in the world, these are the things that ensure real satisfaction.

Similarly, the copper products available in the store can be incorporated in the day to day lives for availing its benefits for health. We can see the cast iron is gradually replacing non-stick frying pans. If we consider the plastics, these are also gradually being phased out. For example, the measuring cups were widely made of plastics previously, but when people started knowing its ill- effects, they started replacing them with stainless steel. The use of such materials dates back many decades but is gradually growing in importance.

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