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You have been wondering what to get your beloved wife for her birthday. For years, you have bought her fancy gifts like dresses, rings and what not. This time, you want to get her something stylish yet useful. 


But, you’re at a loss of ideas? Well, does your wife has a knack for cooking? If she does, you can consider gifting her a fancy looking cheese or bread board. This cheese/bread board has multiple utilities and can be your wife’s best friend in the kitchen. Not to mention, you too can use the cheeseboard for a plethora of serving ideas.


Now, there are so many kitchen necessities to choose from, so why do you think we insist on picking a cheeseboard? Well, that is because this cheese/ bread board has tons of utilities. Today, we are going to look over some crucial points that clarify why this item is perfect for a present.

Why are Cheeseboards Ideal for Presents


So, without wasting time,


Let’s Get Started:



    • Save That Countertop


You have a beautiful light pick quartz kitchen countertop that is the highlight of your kitchen. It is pretty, shiny and utterly gorgeous. However, there is only one concern that you face with this countertop, it is not exactly suited for heavy cutting and kneading atop it.


Now, this is where your fancy cheese board can come in handy. There are so many kinds of cheese and bread boards available for chopping and kneading. For example, if you prepare a lot of steak meals, you can go for the butcher cheese board.


This one is extra thick and can last for ages. You can, moreover, be rough with the butcher board and slice meats like ham and pork atop it with ease. This will protect your quartz kitchen countertop, when you have to indulge in heavy-duty kneading and slicing.


Additionally, you can also opt for a stylish and multi-purpose teak wooden cheese board. This one is ideal for light chopping; kneading and can help you assemble your ingredients for a meal with ease.



    • Right Balance, Safety and Cleanliness 


When you are indulging in heavy slicing or kneading, the bread boards are a blessing in disguise. These are designed to offer maximal balance and hence, when you are chopping, there is less chance of the cheese board toppling over.


This will prevent you from accidentally cutting your hand/fingers when you chop. So, even if you do not have much experience in the kitchen, using the bread board for chopping and slicing is a good choice.


Just, ensure to use the right set of knives for your specified chopping/slicing purposes. Additionally, these cheese board will help prevent your countertop from getting dirty.


The reason being suppose you are slicing tomatoes and other juicy veggies on the countertop, it can make the countertop dirty, smelly and sticky. However, if you chop atop the bread board, it will help prevent any form of spillage and thus, prevent you from having to clean up later.



    • Easy to Clean 


As we have mentioned in the point before, cleaning can become a huge chore when you are chopping on items like countertops. However, preparing your meal on a cheese board is one of the best ways to reduce the issue of cleaning.


The cheese boards are mostly hand crafted and made of authentic wood. So, cleaning these are very easy. All you need to do is wipe them or wash them in Lukewarm water and mild soap. For this purpose, it is best that you use a mango wood cheese board or a teak wooden cheese board. 


These are very easy to clean and are also handy too! You can buy this variation of cheese board from any reputed online store. However, if you want the best hand-crafted ones, which are also stylish, you can pick a store in your locality like Ellementry.



    • Can Double Up as a Platter too!


People today clearly do not give enough credence to bread boards! These are not simply items of the kitchen used for chopping and kneading, these can double up as platters too! That's right, you can cook up and serve a plethora of meals in the cheese boards.


Want to know what?


Check out the options:



    • Cheesy Meat Platter


The cheesy meat platter is the best dish to offer guests when you have very less time to prepare. To make this platter all you need is an assortment of cheese like cheddar, goat cheese, mozzarella etc. Additionally, you will need to stock up on some meats like sausages, salami, fish skillets and more. Now, serve this on your platter in an artful way.


You can further include some savouries like groundnuts, cashews, dates and other items alongside your meat to make the platter look delicious and appealing. Now, if you take this platter and serve it to your guests, they will automatically love how filling and pretty it looks.



    • Fruits Paradise Platter 


If you have guests coming over who are health conscious, you can opt for the fruit's paradise platter. The fruit platter is very easy to make, low-cost and absolutely delicious. You can add any types of fruits in this platter like berries, grapes, watermelons, apples, pineapples, mangoes and more.


To compliment this bread board platter, you can further add a dash of honey, lemon, hazelnut and chocolate spread to make the platter look fancy. This one is further, very colourful, and if you artfully arrange it on the bread board, it will look very glamorous. 


You can further, post a picture of this on social media, and opt for food blogging, as this one is ideal for any kind of food blogging post too!



    • Vegetarian Mezze Platter


The vegetarian Mezze Platter is another winner to consider if you are thinking of serving a healthy and edible platter for your home. This one is very family convenient and features a plethora of freshly boiled veggies topped with meat and cheese. You can pre-boil your veggies and add arrange these artfully on your platter with an assortment of meat and cheese. 


Once you are done, you can serve it in a classic cheese board and impress your guests/family with your artful presentation skills.


Well, on that note, now that you are aware of why the cheese board will make an ideal present for your wife, ensure to pick the best cheese boards from reputed online stores. You can pick any kind of cheese board you like; however, we suggest that you go for teak wooden, or mango wood cheese board platters.


These are stylish, long-lasting and very beautiful to look at. Now, if you are based in India, then you can order your cheese or your bread board from trusted online stores. For example, you can check out the collection from Ellementry. They have an assortment of bread and cheese boards, which are authentic and handcrafted.

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