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People are becoming increasingly diet-conscious these days. Sprouts are considered to be one of those nutritious miracle foods that aid in weight loss and has many benefits. Sprouts can be incorporated as a very healthy part of one’s diet. Here are some of the reasons we share why even you could consider having sprouts regularly.

  • Sprouts are very high in protein content and aid indigestion. For vegetarians and vegans, sprouts can be a reliable and rich source of protein content required for the body.
  • Sprouts contain vitamin C, antioxidants and antinutrients which help in mineral absorption from the body.
  • It builds the immune system and boosts blood circulation.
  • Since sprouts are high in fibre content, they require longer time and effort for the body to digest. It keeps you full longer and thus good to have when you’re on a diet.  
  • They are usually versatile items that can be mixed with a variety of preparations instead of simply having it by itself.

Ellementry Sprouters Make Home Grown Sprouting Easier

Growing sprouts at home are very easy and hassle-free. Even if you’re just starting out, sprouting requires little effort and can be done right at the kitchen counter.  They can be grown all year long and is one of those food items you can consider eating fresh, unlike almost every other food we buy and consume. 

The process becomes easier when you have a sprouter at home. Sprouters are specifically designed in so that the lentils can sprout easily without much effort. 

Terracotta collection by Ellementry

Ellementry is known for its exclusive range of terracotta kitchen products. As a material, terracotta is alkaline and porous. The substance is conducive to the growth of good bacteria and aids in the sprouting process if you’re using a terracotta planter. Ellementry also has a range of other terracotta items like curd setter, chopping board, condiment sets, dinnerware etc. The idea behind creating them is more than just aesthetics. 

Terracotta Sprouters by Ellementry 

Sprouters are available in a variety of materials and designs. However, the best ones are those done in a material that is environment-friendly. Ellementry sprouters are made of terracotta which helps absorb moisture and keeps the sprouts moist. It drains out any excess moisture preventing any growth of bacteria. 

Terracotta Sprouters by Ellementry are aesthetically pleasing

As part of kitchen utility products, Ellementry designs their wares to look aesthetically pleasing. Apart from its uses, they are always a great addition to have for the kitchen. For those who already have terracotta sets as part of their kitchen utilities, a terracotta sprouter can be a nice addition to the set.

As a brand, Ellementry values the art of handmade products crafted with care and precision. So its sprouters are designed in a way that promotes home-grown food for daily use. 

Terracotta Sprouters by Ellementry are Easy to Maintain

Sprouters from Ellementry are designed in a way to reduce any hassle for maintenance. When using an Ellementry sprouter for the first time, allow it to soak in water overnight and wash it off with a mild detergent. Avoid using any abrasives. Even while in use, a light wash is enough to keep the terracotta sprouter clean. 

Ellementry’s sprouter comes with a wooden lid to cover the grains and does not allow any dust to settle on them. It’s two different layers allow you to soak two different types of grains with ease. 

Precautions to Take While Growing Sprouts at Home

While sprouts are extremely healthy and nutritious, not growing them properly can cause E.coli and salmonella bacteria to thrive. These can cause dangerous food poisoning. Sprouts need warm and humid conditions to grow well and this becomes an ideal condition for the bacteria to grow as well. To avoid any contamination of this tasty and wholesome food, take some precautions before growing them. 

  • Wash the grains very well just as you would for any kind of vegetables and fruits.
  • Before beginning the process for sprouting, leave them soaked in water and drain the first batch. 
  • Use a sprouting vessel. They are designed to ensure that the grains receive the optimum amount of moisture and airflow minimizing the risk of bacteria growth. 
  • Keep your sprouter clean by regularly washing and rinsing it. Occasional rinsing or soaking in boiling hot water can help sterilize a sprouter ensuring its bacteria-free. 
  • Use clean drinking water if necessary, to soak your grains. Rinsing out and changing the water every 48 hours is ideal to prevent stagnation. 
  • Sprouts must be handled with clean hands to avoid contamination.
  • When storing the sprouts, use a clean bowl or zip lock pouch and ensure the container has an airtight seal. 

Since Ellementry’s Sprouter set is made of terracotta, it has lower chances of contamination. As a reliable brand, Ellementry manufactures its sprouter keeping in mind the risks and health hazards. Therefore, Ellementry is the best brand to consider when buying a sprouter

The Brand’s Cultural Revival

As a natural handcrafted product, Ellementry strives to create sustainable solutions to all our kitchen needs. It’s a material that holds cultural value and has been in use for centuries. A modern touch to the traditional terracotta product makes so much of a difference.

The versatility of sprouts and the way it can be incorporated in any recipe makes it a great choice for daily consumption. Use a good sprouter and make the process easier for growing your own fresh and crunchy sprouts at home.

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