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With our surroundings degrading day by day because of the increase in global warming, it has become paramount for people to adapt to eco-friendly things. One of the interesting facts about using eco-friendly products like terracotta is that they help in preserving the food’s nutritional value, which further helps in strengthening our immune system. So you will be preserving the environment, along with making your immune system strong. This is an old age perk around which “Ellementry” has built its products, bringing back the ancient culture that is eco-friendly and great for the human body.

Anything which you are attaining directly from the earth in its purest and natural form will be considered as eco-friendly. It is due to this earthy and natural quality of terracotta that it is gaining prominence amongst people as the most useful eco-friendly material, which can be used for different purposes. terracotta is made out of clay, but the manufacturing process of terracotta is very simple, sustainable and eco-friendly, as it does not include any harmful chemicals or elements. terracotta is just heated clay, which has been shaped into the desired shape, before treating it with heat, for solidifying the shape.

From ages, in India, terracotta has been a major attraction, especially in the past, due to it being extremely sustainable and beneficial for the human body. terracotta is made with high temperature, therefore, the products made out of it have a high level of resistance to heat, making it a perfect material for cooking. In Italian, “terracotta” means “baked earth”. Hence signifying that terracotta is eco-friendly. In addition to this, terracotta’s easy resistance to heat and climate, along with its longevity, strength, and easy process of manufacturing, makes it a highly eco-sustainable material. It is due to this reason that terracotta is one of the most sought-after materials of the future. This has been identified by Ellementry, thus, pushing and encouraging them to build more products based on it.

The different reasons which assure that terracotta is eco-friendly are:

  • It is 100% natural

The other name of terracotta is baked earth, which showcases the fact that terracotta is 100% natural. The base material of terracotta is clay, which is a naturally occurring material. It is due to terracotta being 100% natural that it should be people’s first choice to purchase. With the growing level of environmental degradation, it should be widely used. In addition to this, terracotta products are very reasonable and cheap. Therefore, aspects like natural, cheap, and eco-friendly, make this a lethal element. People should indulge in such products and should also promote them for building a better future for the next generation.


  • The process of manufacturing terracotta is simple and natural, as it does not involve any harmful chemicals


Many products are made by amalgamating natural and artificial materials. This is not the case with terracotta. In the process of manufacturing terracotta, there is the inclusion of no artificial materials or any other material. This also highlights the fact that terracotta does not negatively impact the environment, directly or indirectly.


  • Terracotta can be recycled


With the current environmental situations prevailing in our surroundings, it has become a duty and responsibility of each individual to use more renewable and recyclable products. It is a known fact that not all the products can be recycled, in which case, using products which have a high level of recyclability is advisable. terracotta is a product that can be easily recycled and its recyclability rate is also extremely high. From the broken terracotta products to the old terracotta products, all can be recycled completely, with the help of a simple process and can be carved easily and quickly into newly desirable shapes. The recyclability rate of terracotta is 95 percent. This is a very high rate, highlighting that people should buy terracotta products more for preserving the environment.


  • The kilns of today in which terracotta is manufactured are highly energy efficient


With the increasing awareness about recycled, eco-friendly and sustainable products, it has become important for people to use products that are a perfect example of energy and resource preservation. It is these aspects that make terracotta a sustainable product. The energy consumption and utilization in the process of manufacturing terracotta are extremely efficient. Furthermore, the modern kilns that have been developed use more eco-friendly approaches for manufacturing terracotta. This attribute also exhibits the fact that terracotta is eco-friendly.

  • Terracotta is a long-lasting material

All the products that are made of terracotta possess the attribute of being highly durable and they are built with the main focus of being long-lasting. It is due to the aspect of terracotta that can tolerate a high level of wear and tear. In addition to this, the product has a high level of weather and heat resistance. Furthermore, the material terracotta is porous, which helps in absorbing the moisture easily. This makes terracotta efficient cookware that is perfect for cooking, as it makes food more nutritious. In addition to this, it might seem high maintenance, but in reality, it has very low maintenance- from cleaning to restoring to preserving. In the current environment, a product that has the attribute of being long-lasting is considered an eco-friendly product as it does not have to be replaced at short intervals.

All these different characteristics, therefore, clearly highlight that terracotta is an exceptionally eco-friendly material as it is recyclable, long-lasting, 100 per cent natural, and preserves the environment in multiple ways.

Every Indian household has grown up with this piece of earth called terracotta. May it be terracotta ghadas or roof tiles, our baked earth has sheltered us with goodness. At Ellementry, we bring back culture and age-old traditions passed around the table for generations in our country. And we reimagine them to fit into our everyday lives. Take our terracotta range for example- it’s porous, it breathes and keeps anything that it stores fresh. Join us as we bring forth the revival of terracotta!

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