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A tea box or a tea chest is a place where you can store your teabags. Tea chest is usually made of wood with metallic edges for easy storage with metallic edges. Teabags are usually organized basis flavor as tea boxes help organize the teas well. This article will focus on the concept of the tea box and why tea bags need tea box? Tea has always been recommended to be stored in a tea box so that the essence of the tea can be maintained for a long time.

Ways to store tea:

  • Storing tea in a double lid like in a metallic canister is important to retain the essence.
  • The storage should ideally have silicon seals to keep the freshness intact.
  • Zippo bags with airtight properties definitely help in tea storage.
  • Always go for opaque storage as it allows the tea to be in the dark
  • Keeping tea bags in their original packaging is a very important thing to note as the package is filled with the essence of tea leaves. Thus, storing in the original package which can later be put into an airtight canister is a better idea then transferring the contents to another completely different container.
  • Storing Loose tea in a glass jar is an absolute no as the glass easily allows light to seep in along with traces of humid air. This, in turn, would take away the smell of the tea leaves, leaving behind dry and dead aroma less tea leaves. Thus even, if you are storing tea leaves in glass jars, ensure that you store it in a dark and damp place for the tea leaves to grow more.
  • Storing an entire tea-making kit in the same place as every other tea-making ingredient is a very convenient action to follow. So, to make the tea making regime a convenient process. Hence, seeking a one-stop place to make your tea regimes along with honey, tea bags, kettle, etc. is a good way to make the tea process exciting
  • Sometimes storing tea in a wooden box may mess up the smell of the tea, and thus excessive care should be taken.

Types of tea boxes:

There are various types of tea boxes that are referred by individuals to store their tea. It not only helps in keeping the fragrance of the tea leaves alive but also helps in adding to the beauty of the whole setting. That is why, with time, these tea boxes have evolved according to the tastes and expectations of the people into something which is an essential part of a household that drinks and beliefs in tea. Below, we have discussed a few various types of tea boxes that are intensively used to store teas.

  • Aluminum cans that contain a sealed system creating a vacuum that easily keeps dry leaves fresh
  • Tin canisters with airtight technology that adds a great addition to your house
  • Bamboo tea boxes with a transparent lid are very common as bamboo is bacteria free and resistant to water and moisture keeping the tea fresh. You can check out wooden tea box on Ellementry.
  • Acacia wood that has a dark environment inside allowing the fragrance of the tea to remain intact
  • Metallic tins that are great for storing dry tea leaves, tea bags and even loose tea leaves.
  • Silicone lidded containers that can keep the aroma of tea within the four walls every time you open it for a cup of tea, giving off a delicious taste every single time.
  • Glass containers are a lifesaver as it can store anything and everything without the risk of it going stale or dry. The only bump, store it in a cool, dry place as glass allows light to hit it.

Teabox for tea bags:

This section will focus on the need of why a tea bag needs a tea box. tea bags come in packets but it is always better to store them in a box as it comes handy and also looks stylish and elegant. It gives a new and unique touch to your tea ritual apart from being super helpful.

Let's take a look

  • Tea boxes are needed to increase the shelf life of the tea leaves
  • They help in keeping any unpleasant odour at bay
  • They help in categorizing the tea as per the taste and smell intensity so that the aromas don’t end up mixing with each other thus, spoiling the aromatic tea presence
  • Tea boxes constrict the entry of humidity and moisture keeping the tea dry and fresh for everyday use
  • It acts as a great addition to the house giving an elegant look at the whole setting
  • It allows you to have different kinds of tea every day.
  • It provides easy accessibility with manageable designs and a great look
  • It keeps all humid and stale air at bay

Therefore, coming at the end of this article, a few things that need to be taken note is the storage option that we are opting to store tea and the place where the tea is stored. The essence of a good tea is its blend and aroma that tickles the nostrils whenever had. Thus, anything that interferes with that aroma should be removed for a tea-totalling experience every single time.

Elegant and intricately carved tea boxes are available everywhere, but many rare tea boxes with great deals are available online. One place which sells rare sights of tea boxes is Ellementry which believes in selling soul-refreshing products. We offer rare lacquered and intimately carved tea boxes that not only come with a glazed shine but also look great in any kind of setting. If you are planning to make a trendy tea box a part of your home collection, make sure you browse through our website collection for a peek.

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