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Some say, either 'art imitates life' or 'life imitates art'.  What an art form tries to do is tell the story of nature. Whether it is an interesting sculpture or an outdoor scene in a film, the footprints of nature's design can't be escaped. While artists may try to capture nature's essence, nature already tells its own story the best. At Ellementry, our creations tell it the way it is intended to be told by nature. Our toothpick holders are one such form. Entirely handcrafted by artists, it’s a labour of love that takes spices and blends them into your lives.  It’s shaped like the after-meal favourite, the spice clove. Be it a party or a dinner, who wouldn’t want beautiful toothpick holders that look like a piece of art? They let your guests discover beauty in unlikely places, which makes your feast memorable. They're easily accessible to your guests and also add nature’s groove on your table. You can buy toothpick holder online at www.ellementry.com