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mango wood lazy susan ribbed
Country Home Mango Wood Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan is a rotating tray, mostly circular, placed on the top centre of a table to assist in moving food around to all the diners on the table. Lazy Susans may be made from a variety of materials but are usually made of wood. Lazy susans make mealtime and party time more fun. They have a way of stealing the hearts of those who take it for a spin. Optimise the centre of your table with a glass lazy susan on the dining table and encourage better conversation, minimising interruptions of please pass this, or pass that. Turn the wooden lazy susan table to get what you want. Buy wooden lazy susan to display your self-serving platters of cheese, crackers, fruit, and olives. Your guests would love it when they realise the tray spins around. It is like what goes around comes around. Your preparations deserve the best. Give your servings a lift with our kitchen lazy susan collection in marble and wood. Our marble lazy susan makes it easy to pass around the love.
What's more? They bring the best of both worlds to the table. It can double up as a centrepiece for your fruit display too.

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Country Home Mango Wood Lazy Susan 3990
mango wood lazy susan ribbed 2490
blue orchard lazy susan 2370
white orchard colour lazy susan 2080
yellow orchard lazy susan 2080

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Products Name Price
mango wood lazy susan ribbed 2490
Country Home Mango Wood Lazy Susan 3990

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