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Egg Shell Ceramic Spoon Rest (Set of 2)

Tea Bag Rest

Some people travel the world on a passport. But all some people need is a teacup. From picking out tea leaves to a freshly brewed pot of feel good: drinking tea is more about the journey than the destination for a tea lover. Because culture travels in a teacup. It’s much more than just pouring a hot cup of tea and drinking it. It’s about the perfect ambience, with a good book or music to keep you company, it’s the beautiful teapot waiting to serve you. And as you get cosy with your steaming cup, you don’t want to be bothered by anything, let alone finding where to rest your tea-bag between doses. Meet our ceramic tea bag holder. It’s entirely crafted by hands which makes each one of them a labour of love. They fit perfectly into your daily tea ritual. They have hand-painted patterns that blend well into your tea-time and adorn your table with an interesting spin. Break an everyday pattern, buy ceramic tea bag rest online at ellementry.com.

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