Water is the best natural remedy, and it is no secret that drinking a lot of water is imperative to better health and lifestyle. Now, just like food – a household requires vessels to store and consume it reliably whenever one needs a sip of one of the most essential, tasteless and odourless liquids on this planet blue.

Water is fundamental to our survival and good health. It goes without mentioning that the choice of container to store and consume water is in alignment with our lifestyle preferences and health choices, and easy to maintain.

Ellementry is a platform that provides a spectrum of products based on the manufacturing material used, usage and individual aesthetic appeal.

The summer has come knocking on our doors with its full vigour. It may be time to replace your old water bottles and jars with healthier and innovative water containers such as water bottles and new jars.

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Depending on the heat, you tend to sweat even with little or no physical activity. The more you sweat, the thirstier you tend to get. The one-stop solution provides options for a range of water bottles online. These bottles are handmade, eco-friendly and safe to use.

The potable water needs a good quality container to store and use water in everyday consumption. The materials used for making such vessels are of critical importance coming to food safety.

Here are a few healthy options of water bottles, jars and mugs available at Ellementry:

Bubbles glass water bottle with wooden stopper

Glass bottles are known for retaining nutrients. The Bubbles glass water bottle is devised in a way that is easy to maintain. The set of a bottle and wooden stopper provides a beautiful and natural finish with the wooden stopper to complement the fusion of glass and finished wood.

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Quoise glass tumbler set of two (tall)

The tumbler is handmade, made up of mouth-blown artistic glass. The set of serene-looking Quoise tumblers not only add to class but also provide a natural touch to a household. The tumblers fit the bill for all occasions, be it for everyday use or festive gatherings.

Daisy glass water bottle with wooden stopper

The handmade unique Ellementry glass water bottle promotes the fusion aspect of Ellementry products. The finished wooden stop and the colossal decorative prints add to the beauty of the water bottle.

Drop glass water bottle with ceramic stopper

The refined choice of opting for a glass bottle is accentuated by a robust ceramic stopper. The non-reactive, non-porous ceramic bottle stoppers are a highlight of all the eclectic bottle stoppers available online. The brilliant blend of ceramic and glass provides a finish to the fusion Ellementry product.

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Terracotta water bottle with sphere stopper

Ellementry has refurbished the terracotta pots into a modern avatar so that, it blends well anywhere in the household. It retains the natural cooling of clay, the comprehensive nature-born, sustainable and food-safe drinkware is handcrafted to blend into your brand-new lifestyle beautifully.

Glass water dispenser

The glass water dispenser may be symbolic of a healthy and aesthetic lifestyle choice. Serving water can also be quite stylish with this glass water dispenser. Infuse your water with fresh fruits or mints and add flavour to your feast. A chic, millennial may also want to buy the sturdy three-leg multi-purpose wooden stand.

Matt silver water jug

The traditional yet bright appearance of the drinkware – Matt silver water Jug adds to a good lifestyle. The jug is handcrafted in brass, which adds to the durability of the product. The Water Jug is a classy accessory on your tabletop. The delicate silver lacquering makes it a consumer’s favourite.

Water is said to be an Elixir of life and all the magic of this planet is encapsulated in good quality water. Depending on the geographical locations, summers can be mean different things. There are times where-in water intake increases. Depending on the lifestyle choices of consumers, Ellementry provides many options in their products such as water bottles, glass jars and mugs.

The portal is a one-stop solution for handmade, safe to use & maintain drinking water bottles, jars and water dispenser. The products can be complemented with other drinkware such as Knurl Terracotta Tumbler with a wooden lid. 

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