Seasons are changing and winter is almost here. You all know what that means. It is time to get tucked in bed and snuggle with soups and hot chocolates. Winter is the season of enjoying delicious hot dishes. But, at the same time one needs to be cautious as winter season is the cue for colds and flu therefore apart from covering yourself appropriately, you must take an adequate diet that keeps you warm and boosts your immunity. From slurping hot soups to savouring vegetables rich in porridges, there are many food items made across the nation to keep you fit from the inside. ellementry will help you learn about some and make it at home using its sustainable yet contemporary kitchenware.

ellementry is taking you to the winter food map of our country. Just like language, every region has its delicacy. Let’ take it from the top

  • Dishes like Harissa, Makke ki roti & Sarson ka saag, Gajar ka halwa are limitlessly consumed. All the  dishes are super rich in taste and have a distinct identity and specialty of their own. Each dish in its way keeps the human body warm on chilly winter days.
  • Let’s move towards the west. Gujarat is famous for its sweet and tangy dishes while Rajasthani people love chilly. Recipes like Undhiyo, Bajre ka khichda, Raab, Surti Ponk are most preferred in both the states. All the dishes are full of green and healthy ingredients. Undio is mainly a mix of all the vegetables that are loved during winters.
  • On the east side, dishes like Zan, chhurpi soup, til pitha, Sanpiau, Chi Al Meh, Bai are famous. Now, most of these dishes are made from leafy vegetables and spices. It helps to retain heat and keeps a person warm all the time.
  • Coming toward Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and a few centrally located states, you will find dishes that are perfect to have at any time you want. Gajak, Litti Chokha, Garadu chaat, Nimona, Gaya tilkut are some of the popular dishes of winter that one enjoys anytime and every time.
  • South enjoys the taste of heaven in the form of Beetroot Thoran, Baath, Avarekelu sagu, Ulava Charu, Enduri Pitha, Muthia. All these dishes are fondly prepared in every household.
  • India is a land of multiple cultures and food. It is amazing to see a country that has something unique in each part. 

This winter, try bringing this edible diversity at home. Make dishes that make your mouth water. ellementry and its sustainable cookware will help you cook the best winter dish:

White marble mortar and pestle

Mortar & Grinder, One thing that is common in every Indian dish is that each has lots and a lot of Indian spices mixed with veggies. Spices like cardamom, cloves, bay leaf are beneficial for the human body. They keep a person warm and boost immunity as well. That’s one reason why Indians have such a strong immune system.

In teak wooden chakla belan with stand-small

Of course, you need a loaf of bread to enjoy a curry with. Indians prefer to have chapattis and puris in their meal. Since both are round in shape, you need a chakla and belan to roll them in nice circles. The teak wooden board gives a perfect even foundation, and the rolling pin with its handles offer a firm grip to make chappatis.

Arra tea pan

Arra brass tea pan

Drinking tea in winters is like giving yourself a warm bath on the inside. The aroma of delightful tea signaling the arrival of evening, sautéed snack goodness to go with tea-time! Enrich your kitchen with the wholesomeness of slow-cooked food, paired with the heritage of brassware with 𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗿𝘆’𝘀 range of essentials for your kitchen, like the arra tea pan and sauté pan.

Fiore ceramic serving bowl

Delicious dishes deserve beautiful serving bowls. Keep your aromatic food in this fiore ceramic serving bowl. It will make the dish look tastier. The size of the bowl is enough to store a large quantity. It is hand-painted with flowers that give it a celestial look. The bowl I no less than a piece of art and décor on the dining table.

Fiore ceramic thali

Food in winters hit differently. One tends to enjoy it a lot more than he does during summers. It is because of the feeling of comfort one feels when hot food goes inside the chilly cold body. Have your food with more love in this fiore ceramic thali.

There are many other products by ellementry that will help you make the best winter dish for your family.

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