An organized home always looks pleasant and welcoming. Coming home after a long day at work, you wouldn’t like to handle the chores the moment you step in from the door. You would like to sit and relax for a while before doing anything else.

But if your space is cluttered and things are placed randomly, you will not get that calm feeling. A cluttered room will make you feel more agitated and angry. However, a home that is spick and span, with every item at its right place, being home will be the most precious comfort.

Organizing the area in the right manner and within a limited budget can be tricky. But with Ellementry, everything is possible! The brand has the simplest idea that can easily fit into any budget and completely transform the room.


Believe it or not, wall hooks can assist you in organizing your home like a pro. It can be used for everything, right from coats and handbags in a tiny closet to pots and pans in a cramped kitchen.

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Ellementry has an assortment of wall hooks plastic that is stylish and sophisticated, ideal for any place. They will not make your place look shabby but enhance its appeal. If you are wondering how you can use this item style and organize your space, this guide can help you out. Listed below are some ideas that can be applied to de-clutter the house.

Add Extra Space in the Closet

Today, everyone wants the best clothes, shoes and accessories for themselves. When stepping out into the world, one has to be stylish and fashionable. Nothing less will do. As a result, millennials end up with a lot of items that the closet starts running out of storage.

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Throwing away things might not be an option for you. But if you wish to properly keep all things in one place, then a wall hook is a convenient option. Choose a set of beautiful hooks and mount them on the wardrobe door or any other place that is free to be utilized.

Use to hang purses, accessories and more. If there is no slot left in the closet, a nearby wall can come in handy. Place around 4 to 5 hooks to get a uniform look and add to your storage.

Hang Kitchenware & More

Has your kitchen been looking like a mess lately? Do you often struggle in managing the utensils properly and in an orderly fashion? Are your cabinets too full to hold any more additional kitchenware? Then wall hook with nail can put an end to your woes.

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An empty kitchen wall will best suit the purpose. Choose stunning designs to add an oomph factor while showcasing your beautiful pots and pans. You can complete the look by complementing wall hooks with a wall shelf. Additional space to keep your cookware is like a breath of fresh air in a small and compact kitchenette. 

A Non-Conventional Jewellery Organizer

If you can’t stop adding new jewellery items to your already elaborate collection, then what you need is extra storage to keep them all organized. Boxes, baskets and other storage items can be invested in, but they do take a lot of room, especially if you have multiple of them.

Using wall hooks instead can be very handy for you. As this is a non-conventional option, it will make your space stand out. You can attractively display your prized possessions. Use wall hooks of different designs and patterns to create a small artistic corner.

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Some wall hooks by Ellementry that you would love to add to your home. 

Intersections Natural Wooden Wall Hook

Wood is attractive and sustainable raw material. So, if you are looking for an environmentally friendly approach, then intersections natural wooden wall hook can be a great addition to your home.

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You can pair it with other wall hooks of different designs or use the same ones to add a more stylish look, while at the same time enhance the storage. 

Copper Metal Wall Art- Large

This item is perfect for any type of cooking area, whether small or large. Hang it on an empty wall to add a décor piece, and it will hold an assortment of kitchen items without consuming room. 

Ellementry has an extensive list of wall hooks that you can go through and buy the ones that best suit your needs and personality.

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