Whether it is the festive season or any other time of the year, serving guests always bring joy and delight. When you have company, the space booms with laughter, a good vibe and time fly by. When such a gathering is accompanied by delicious food, the excitement gets a notch higher. But serving should be done in the right manner so that everyone enjoys it and appreciates your hosting skills. Ellementry makes serving even more happening with platters full of happiness. The brand has an extensive listing of some of the most attractive and unique products that any homemaker would love to bring into their home. Listed below are our top picks that you must consider when shopping for a handmade platter at ellementry.com.

Pink Waves Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter

Special guests coming over, and do you want to make a strong impression? When you place this pink waves metal-enamel fusion platter at the centre of the table, topped with delicious delights, your guests will not be able to stop themselves from admiring this serveware. It is slightly elevated and has enough room to keep plenty of snacks for easy serving.

Sap Green Dolphin Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter

Sap Green Dolphin Metal-Enamel Fusion Platter

Is your kid a fussy eater? Do you often have to try hard to make your child eat something new? Serve delicious and healthy snacks in sap green dolphin metal-enamel fusion platter and see how fast the food disappears. The dolphin shape will be a great hit among young and old. With this item and ellementry, you can be sure that it is sustainable and food-safe.

Pink Metal Platter With Enamel

Most homemakers like to invest their money in things that are beautiful but also sturdy. It is their way of saving some bucks in the long run and elevating the way their kitchen looks. If you aim to purchase food-safe luxury serveware, you must consider a pink metal platter with enamel. As the name suggests, it is made from metal and enamel plating, giving this piece a charming look. You can use it to serve the best delicacies on special occasions or use it every day to enhance your living experience. No matter how you use it, the platter’s lustrous shine will always mesmerise you.

In Teak Wooden Platter

Do you wish to add a wow factor to your serving? Do you want your guests to speak highly about your hospitality? In teak wooden platter can make your dreams come true. Crafted from teak wood, it is a handmade item and perfect to serve bite-sized appetisers like cheese and olives, rolls along with your favourite sauces. It is 100% food-safe and gives serving a unique and attractive appeal.

Gold Hammered Platter

In this festive season, then a lot of guests must be visiting you every day. It is why being prepared is essential. You should be quick to offer a snack to your guests. However, serving many people regularly can be a daunting and tiring task. You can cut down on your efforts by investing in a gold hammered platter. The beautiful platter is available in three different colours and comes in two sizes. Select them based on your needs and desire. Place it on the centre table, and make your serving easy and convenient.

Red Masala Wooden Platter

Quirky platters are always a delightful addition to the dinner table or kitchen space. They add freshness and style that is hard to compete. Red masala wooden platter, shape inspired by the fiery red chilly, brings a level of originality into your space. It is handcrafted from mango wood and is sustainable as well as food-safe. When you are around the company, serve snacks and impress everyone. You may use it in the kitchen to keep red chillies. How you use it, all depends upon your creativity.

Triple Metal Platter

Whether it is your home or office, a copper triple metal platter is an ideal addition. The serving platter has three plates that are bound together to look like a flower. Here, you have the freedom to keep three different snacks or servings without the chance of one mixing with another. You can also serve dry fruits and nuts in it and bring in a wow factor. The copper triple metal platter is available in copper, black and silver colour.

Natural Masala Wooden Platter

Another stylish and astonishing platter that deserve a space in your home is the natural masala wooden platter. Made from mango wood, it is handcrafted to the shape of a bay leaf, intact with rustic charm. Any snack or nibbles served on this platter will be safe to consume.

You can invest in all these platters or pick a few; no matter which way you go, these platters will add charm and elegance to your serving. You will look for every excuse to invite friends and family and serve them with style with these items.

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